Halloween Town vs Pumpkinator


Grim, Mandy, Nergal Jr., Lord Pain & Dark Danny vs the Demon Reaper


Grim Jr. & Redeemer vs HIM, Mimi and Minnie

Traveling through Hell

Grim Tales: From Down Below


November 1




Traveling through Hell is an event that takes place in one of the levels of Hell.


After Grim and Clockwork got Grim Jr. out of the Demon Reaper, Clockwork took Junior to the Realm of Flesh and Blood instead of taking him back to Halloween Town. Junior saw he was in a human form now. Clockwork explained to him that he had to restore the order again. The Demon Reaper would soon destory the Underworld if he doesn't find his sister. Junior is left behind confused but soon encounters Redeemer who was tasked to accompany him on his quest. Redeemer explains how he lost Minimandy when he was in Heaven.

The TravelEdit

Junior and Redeemer begin their journey and wonder how what their purpose here is. Junior just wants to find Minnie and Redeemer agrees. However Junior suddenly bumps into a human girl. Suddenly a creepy man bends over Junior and the girl wanting to play with them, but Redeemer cuts his hand off. Junior comments on Redeemers habbit of cutting off hands. Redeemer says its karma, and it also hit him, and looks to his once chopped off arm.

Junior then remembers the girls and heads back to her and asks if she is okay. Then a huge spider named Jeff appears who apparently was looking for the girl. Junior shouts that Redeemer must kill the spider immediately, but Redeemer says that he means no harm. Junior shouldn't judge people on their outside. Jeff then says that a storm is coming up and asks if the two want to come to his house. Junior then asks if Jeff happens to know Billy. Jeff says that Billy was his father and Junior tells that he was told a bit about Jeff through him.


Jeff then takes them into his cave for a hot cup of chocolate milk. Jeff says he doesn't get visitors often. Redeemer says that those people are souls who come here because of their sins. Junior then wonders why Jeff is here, he is too nice. Jeff then asks why he is here and Junior tells the story. Then suddenly Minnie confronts his brother.

Then Jeff sprays his web against Redeemer and Junior and sticks them to the wall. Jeff then lets the scarf around him go into Mimi and transforms her into "Her". HIM appears. Jeff says he didn't want to do this, but he has to. HIM then says he will be rewarded soon. He shows what is happening in Halloween Town. Minnie starts acting weird towards Junior, lusting for him. However her lust soon turns into rage.

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