070112 titan
Genre Action, Adventure
Created by Stan
Published by
Original Run November 2006 - Ongoing
Chapters 5
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Titan Sphere is an ongoing comic that appears on, it is made and written by Stan. The first page was published on November 17, 2006. It starts out by a man being shot by an energy ball then brought back to life by a mystical force. The hook of this comic are the outdated tropes such as the "BIG ANIME TIDDIES" and trying waaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard to be Bleach. The comic currently is on a hiatus as Stan is working on the prequel of Titan Sphere; Kayos Gaiden (We pray he'll burn all his art and start working at McDonalds instead). The story has two stories put between it namely: Pirate Harbor and Kung Fu Noodles.