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The Boss
Queen B
Name The Boss
Alias Queen B
Sex Female
Species Demon
Status Alive
Eye Color Crimson
Hair Color Brown
Friends Blood, Blaze.
Occupation(s) Babysitter, Mentor

The Boss is a character who appears in Griddles' stories. She is the mentor of Blood, Blaze and Biohazard. She is also the one who gave Blood her sword, Rogue.




The Boss is a tall woman with crimson yellow colored eyes. She has long brown hair, although this is often also looks like it is red. The Boss is seen wearing various clothing. Her casual clothing mostly concist out of a shirt and jeans, although she also is seen wearing dresses and other clothing. In her demon form she wears clothes that reveal much of her skin. She wears crimson colored boots, one of them reaches her knee while the other one covers almost her whole leg. She wears a bat-like short and a bra with a skull in the middle. On her butt she has a ragged cape, also her bat-wings are ragged. In addition to that she also has a wrist band, shoulder plates and a gauntlet. On her head she also has a plate.



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