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Name Tentoraijin
Sex Male
Species Cluster
Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Friends Vexus, Cluster
Occupation(s) Technician
Residence Cluster Zone

Tentoraijin is a member and technician of the Cluster. He appears in Griddles stories.


He comes to give Vexus a remedy for her damaged body.


He is a large-ish silver and yellow insect-robot hybrid, a ladybug-like creature with beady yellow eyes staring out from under a head-encompassing helmet. His mouth is covered my a mouthplate, which had holes built into them for voice projection. His head trailed cables in several directions, the implants on his cyborg body clearly visible everywhere. His chest was thick and armoured. A horn protruding from his head ended with a spiky tip, which resembled a thunderstrike. A pair of large cylindrical cannons were mounted upon his brawny back, pointing toward the roof. His left arm carried a huge three-tipped energy charger in place of a hand. His right arm from just below the shoulder was pitch black and flickering with blusih radiance, the whole arm in the shape of a lightning bolt. His wings were also the shape of lightning bolts, and his legs were thick and footless, exposed circuits and other things present upon his agile lower limbs.

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