Tak Gallery Quotes

Invader Zim: Manifest DoomEdit

I come to offer you a gesture of goodwill. And a proposition I believe you will find... most gratifying
— Tak, trying to bribe Gaz
My proposition may come as quite a shock to you
— Tak, seducing Dib, seconds before electrocuting him
Honestly how does Zim do it
— Tak, referring to Zim's habit of making long speeches and rants
If you humans would applied half of the same level of intellect you possess in playing these 'video games' to actions in your everyday lives... You'd almost be a worthwhile threat to the Irken Empire.
— After witnessing Gaz's gaming skills
You wanted to impress me, Dibs? Well here's your chance.
— Tak to Dib about his gaming prowess

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