Snafu Comics
Genre Video Gaming
Created by David Stanworth
Published by
Original Run August 2002 - Cancelled
Chapters 1
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David Stanworth's original series, Snafu Comics is a gaming comic that debuted on May 15, 2002. The strip has two main characters, Dave and Travis, and the two characters originally spent much of their time playing and commenting on video games, forming the basis of the humor in the strip. The current theme is generally current events ranging from movies, politics, and random social commentary. The strip also sometimes refers to other Internet subcultures, and sometimes features in-jokes that are explained by the news posts accompanying each comic. Although multi-part strips occasionally appear, it mostly follows a gag-a-day format. It is a weekly comic, typically updating on Mondays.

Stanworth says that he altered the art style for different strips to fit different audiences and types of humor; he says he alters it "every week." Currently the comic has been cancelled. Snafu Comics makes a cameo in Ever After: Intermission.




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