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Snafu Comics is a webcomics site maintained by David Stanworth, an American known online as "SnafuDave". It serves as the home of several comics, including Stanworth's own creations, as well as those of other artists. It is also the source for the free to use Comic PHP script which automates webcomic sites using PHP.


David started Snafu Comics in 2001. He started reading webcomics which he found funny and wanted to be the third to make one. He bought a computer from a matress factory that was going out of buissines. A friend of him did HTML on the website and eventually Snafu was created.



  • Vinson Ngo (Powerpuf Girls Doujinshi, Grim Tales, Sugar Bits, Deliver Us Evil, Invader Zim: Manifest Doom, King of Fighters Doujinshi)
  • Stan (Kayos Gaiden, Titan Sphere)
  • R. Merryweather (The Crawling City)
  • Danny8Bit (New Super Mario Adventures)






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