Seiryuga's Deviant-Art Emblem
Name Arthur
Sex Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Friends Bleedman
Occupation(s) Digital Art / Professional

Premium Member

Residence United States

Seiryuga (real name Arthur) is a deviantART user who worked together with Bleedman on his comics for a time. Seiryuga provides the colors for all the comics while Bleedman does the line-art. Seiryuga is also well known for his art of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic gang as humans.

As a deviantART UserEdit

Seiryuga used to work with Bleedman starting with the second wave of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi comics. He mostly handled coloring, but dabbled into writing. He was on good terms with BeeAre, but was not very fond of Griddles.

Eventually, Seiryuga left Bleedman for an unspecified reason. Nowadays he posts on how the comic is going without him, very scathing of Grim Tales, its writer Griddles, Bleedman's coloring, and Bleedman's fanbase, especially those on deviantART.

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