Satants Excrement
110616 satans
Genre Afterlife
Created by Mosama Binladden
Published by
Original Run June 2011 - March 25, 2013
Chapters 1
Related Works

Written & Drawn by Mosama- Satans Excrement is one of the newest comic on Snafu featuring a story based in a futuristic hell about two demons who carry out the torture and execution of a sadistic clown. Thirty five pages of the comic were made before the comic got onto SNAFU so to create a buffer and ensure the author would not disappear like previous authors. A new page is uploaded every Friday. The final page of the comic was on March 25, 2013, ending the comic.





  • The comic was originally named Erection Affection. Mosama kept the title secret from Dave when pitching it to him because Mosama thought Dave would be like; "uhm no we dont accept gay porn comics on SNAFU." He ended up changing it at the last second to Satans Excrement.

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