Samantha Gallery Quotes
Ok, boys! You wanna dance! let's dance!!!
— Samantha while controling her Megabee

Oh man, this is too easy! These guys are a joke!
— Samantha taunting Coop

She sucker-punched me... That little &!%#h sucker-punched me!
— Samantha after getting sucker-punched by Buttercup

Pointless. You'll all be dead soon enough.
— Samantha after the Cluster invasion

That's one. By now, you owe me a whole set.
— Samantha beating up Buttercup

Out of the way maggots!
— Samantha going through Cluster bots

I'm going after the redhead! YOU can handle little miss tomboy!
— Samantha to Kuwagus

Look here, bow-for-brains, you're not getting any--
— Samantha to Blossom

THis dOEs noT MAtter... I... dO nOt MatTeR...
— Samantha fighting against Blossom

kill Kill Kill. loOK CarefULLy. i'm craZY. LOok, blosSOm, LOOk!
— Samantha to Blossom

You're alive?! But it cut Cluster-grade duranium! Monkey bleeds from duranium!
— Samantha after Blossom survived the katana's attack

You...Traitor...will...tell your father...stupid little girl...with her stupid pet...
— Samantha's last words to Bell before she dies

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