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Usagi Tsukino
Sailor Moon Chibiusa shoes ver 01-2-03
Name Usagi Tsukino
Alias Rini
Sailor Chibi Moon
Black Lady
Princess Lady Serenity
Usagi Small Lady Serenity
Origin Sailor Moon
Sex Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Pink
Relatives Sailor Moon
Friends Bubbles, Otto
Occupation(s) School Girl
Residence Megaville

Sailor Chibimoon, mostly refered as Rini, is a character who appear in Lifelines.

Shadow TrilogyEdit

In Chapter 6 she joins the class after her other school was destroyed by a fire, but in reality by Negaverse. She immediately becomes friends with Bubbles.


Her uniforms resemble Sailor Moon's, colored primarily in cherry blossom pink and red, with a prominent motif of small hearts, joined later by crescent moons and stars. Due to her small stature, certain details of her uniforms are slightly abbreviated. She is given various titles throughout the series, including Princess Soldier, Apprentice Soldier, and Soldier in Training. As the daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, she exhibits traits of both parents in battle. Her personality is no different from when she is a civilian, although certain powers are unavailable to her in that form.


Chibiusa (ちびうさ?, or Rini in the English versions), is one of the central characters in the Sailor Moon metaseries and the youngest of the Sailor Senshi. When she first appears, she is a small child from the 30th century who visits the past to seek help from the series' primary heroines, the Sailor Senshi. She later returns, a few years older, in order to train as a Senshi herself—Sailor Chibi Moon (セーラーちびムーン Sērā Chibi Mūn?, or Sailor Mini Moon in the English anime).

Chibiusa is formally named Usagi Small Lady Serenity (うさぎSLセレニティ?), but in the 20th century she goes by the name Chibiusa Tsukino. She is given her nickname by Mamoru Chiba in the manga[3] and Usagi in the anime[4] in order to differentiate from the older Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon. The nickname is a combination of chibi (meaning small person or small child) and her given name, Usagi. In her own time period, she is always called Small Lady. In the English-language adaptations, where Usagi had been changed to Serena, the diminutive "Rini" was used for Chibiusa's name.

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