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Demon Reaper
Ultimate demon reaper
Demon Reaper
Name Demon Reaper
Sex Male
Species Reaper Nergaling
Status Deceased
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Enemies Grim, Mandy, Jack Skellington, Lord Pain, Dan Phantom, Nergal Jr.
Residence Megaville

The Demon Reaper is a main antagonist from Grim Tales. He was created when Grim Jr.'s Nergal and the Pumpkinator fused together.

Grim Tales From Down Below

He was created after Grim Jr. got the demon powers of Minimandy and afterwards merged into the destroyed Pumpkinator.

Mandy, the Grim Reaper, Nergal Jr., Lord Pain and Dan Phantom fought it. Dark Danny used his Ghostly Wail on it and the shell of the Pumpkinator was removed.

Later the Demon Reaper ate Junior's and Minnie's souls. Then Dark Danny used his ghost beam and destroyed most of the Demon Reaper and only the evil Grim Jr. was left but when Minnie's spirit hugged him he turned back to normal.


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