Every weekend there will be a different poll. Here you can see the results of the previous ones. As of 2014, new polls will only be made when there is a new topic for a poll. However there will be a new poll every month at least.

March 2015Edit

Who is your favorite Grim Tales girl?

1st Minimandy; 118 votes
2nd Mimi; 98 votes
3rd Chi; 10 votes
4th Blossom; 6 votes
5th Raven; 5 votes
6th Mandy; 4 votes
7th Mina Harper; 1 vote
Ikra; 1 vote

February 7, 2015Edit

Who of the Fallen Heroes would you want to see?

1st Bubbles; 47 votes
2nd Buttercup; 40 votes
3rd Jenny; 10 votes
4th Dib; 7 votes
5th Samurai Jack; 6 votes
6th Megas; 5 votes
7th Courage; 3 votes

January 1, 2015Edit

What fight do you anticipate the most in Grim Tales?

1st Chi vs Grim Jr.; 34 votes
2nd Chi vs Minimandy; 17 votes
3rd Mimi vs Minimandy; 14 votes
4th Minimandy vs Grim Jr.; 4 votes

Decemver 11, 2014Edit

If Bleedman must drop one comic, which one?

1st Skull Boy: Deliver us Evil; 58 votes
2nd Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi; 15 votes
3rd Sugar Bits; 7 votes
4th Invader Zim: Manifest Doom; 6 votes
5th Grim Tales; 4 votes

November 8, 2014Edit

With who should Dexter end up with?

1st Blossom; 80 votes
2nd Olga; 75 votes
3rd Neither; 6 votes

October 4, 2014Edit

Invader Zim: Manifest Doom finally picked up again!

1st Yes, finally. Very excited.; 57 votes
2nd Nice, hopefully they don't screw it up.; 17 votes
3rd Meh, don't have much trust in it.; 1 vote
They should have done nothing with it.; 1 vote

July 6, 2014Edit

1st Yes; 37 votes
2nd No; 14 votes
3rd Could have been better; 8 votes

June 24, 2014Edit

Who is your favorite Cluster member?

1st Samantha; 33 votes
2nd Protoboy; 12 votes
3rd Vexus; 5 votes
4th Battus; 4 votes
5th Mighty Orbots; 2 votes
6th Nool; 1 vote
7th Commander Destruction; 0 votes
Kuwagagus; 0 votes

May 21, 2014Edit

How was Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi Chapter 10?

1st Awesome, loved the fight.; 68 votes
2nd Could have been better, but still good.; 7 votes
3rd It was crap.; 2 votes
4th It was enjoying, but not really interesting.; 0 votes

April 25, 2014Edit

Which April Fools page was the funniest?

1st Grim Tales "Not so Minnie"; 51 votes
2nd Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi "ウオプアス! ベール"; 33 votes
3rd Sugar Bits "Awakening"; 12 votes

April 1, 2014Edit

Most interesting subject in Grim Tales atm?

1st Chi invading the Castle of Grim.; 50 votes
2nd Minimandy's whereabouts.; 20 votes
3rd The council meeting between the overlords.; 8 votes
4th What happened after Skulker kidnapped Chi.; 7 votes

March 7, 2014Edit

Which show should get more representation in PpGD?

1st The Powerpuff Girls; 32 votes
2nd My Life as a Teenage Robot; 13 votes
3rd Invader Zim; 10 votes
4th Dexter's Laboratory; 7 votes
6th Samurai Jack; 6 votes
7th Courage the Cowardly Dog
8th Time Squad; 1 vote

February 21, 2014Edit

Do you want to see a backstory of Samantha?

1st Yes, but after we see what the bomb does.; 41 votes
2nd Yes, immediately after the recap.; 18 votes
Curious, but not needed for me.; 18 votes
3rd No, she was a stupid character.; 5 votes

February 7, 2014Edit

Do you like the idea of a PpGD recap?

1st Yes, but I actually want to see what the bomb does; 28 votes
2nd Yes, great to see the old things in the new style again; 15 votes
3rd No, just continue; 5 votes
4th Don't care; 0 votes

February 1, 2014Edit

Did you like the Powerpuff Girls special?

1st Yes, very much; 24 votes
2nd Have not seen it yet; 9 votes
3rd It was okay; 6 votes
4th Terrible; 3 votes

January 24, 2014Edit

Sugar Bits continues!

1st Finally that brat is dead.; 35 votes
2nd She will be missed..; 13 votes
3rd No! She can't die!; 10 votes

January 17, 2014Edit

Sugar Bits continues!

1st Finally, I really wanted it to continue.; 41 votes
2nd Meh, not interested.; 7 votes
3rd Hopefully the story will go well.; 5 votes
4th Not too exited.!; 0 votes

January 10, 2014Edit

Which version/outfit of Minnie do you like the best?

1st Yes!!! So much!; 37 votes
2nd I want more PPGD; 18 votes
3rd Yes, of course; 3 votes
4th No, no Grim Tales anymore!; 1 vote

January 1, 2014Edit

Which version/outfit of Minnie do you like the best?

1st New Ragdoll Outfit; 30 votes
2nd Nergaling; 19 votes
3rd Angel; 8 votes
4th Old Ragdoll Outfit; 4 votes
5th Other Outfit; 2 votes

December 20, 2013Edit

Should the comics ever be published into comic books/manga's

1st Yes; 54 votes
2nd No; 2 votes
3rd Maybe; 0 votes

December 13, 2013Edit

Favorite weapon??

1st Powergloves; 27 votes
2nd Katana; 10 votes
3rd Scythe; 6 votes
4th Pistol & Uzi; 3 votes
5th Noisy Cricket; 1 vote
6th Spike Cudgel; 0 votes

December 6, 2013Edit

Do you like panty shots?

1st Yes, with moderation; 24 votes
2nd Yes, love them!; 11 votes
No, it's inappropriate; 11 votes

November 29, 2013Edit

Which character needs to get more development?

1st Mimi; 14 votes
2nd Minimandy; 8 votes
3rd Grim Junior; 7 votes
4th Mina Harper; 6 votes
5th Chi; 2 votes
6th Mandy; 1 vote

November 22, 2013Edit

Favorite GT ship?

1st Mimi x Grim Junior; 31 votes
2nd Minimandy x Grim Junior; 12 votes
3rd Chi x Mimi; 6 votes
4th Mandy x Grim; 3 votes
5th Mandy x Nergal Junior; 1 vote

November 15, 2013Edit

Favorite PPGD ship?

1st Blossom X Dexter; 34 votes
2nd Dexter X Olga; 9 votes
3rd Bell X Naga; 8 votes
4th Buttercup X Jack; 1 vote

November 8, 2013Edit

What is your favorite mega character?

1st Dynamo; 25 votes
2nd Demon Reaper; 8 votes
3rd Megas; 6 votes
4th Pumpkinator; 3 votes
5th Grimbot (GT:Ch.8); 0 votes

November 1, 2013Edit

For who are Naga, Dee Dee and Grim on the scene?

1st Blossom; 32 votes
2nd Samantha; 8 votes
3rd Buttercup; 7 votes
4th Bell; 3 votes

October 15, 2013Edit

Second part. Do you want the Ghost Zone kid to be male of female?

1st Male; 36 votes
2nd Female; 38 votes

October 18, 2013Edit

What kind of person would you like the kid in the Ghost Zone to be?

1st A kid who died, and thus doesn't have parents; 21 votes
2nd A kid of a couple in the Ghost Zone; 8 votes
3rd Walker looks over a couple's child; 7 votes
4th A kid of Walker and his wife; 1 votes

October 11, 2013Edit

What do you like most in the comics?

1st The idea of all these cartoon characters coming together; 37 votes
2nd The characters; 9 votes
3rd The storyline; 7 votes
4th The fighting scenes; 2 votes

October 4, 2013Edit

Best angelic character?

1st Dee Dee; 45 votes
2nd Minimandy (angel form); 17 votes
3rd Naga; 5 votes
4th Gabriel; 4 votes
5th Redeemer; 3 votes

September 27, 2013Edit

Which old character would you like to see return in PPPG?

1st The Rowdyruff Boys; 33 votes
2nd Atomic Betty; 7 votes
3rd Mojo Jojo; 4 votes
4th Coop; 3 votes
5th Vexus; 0 votes

September 21, 2013Edit

What do you think about the new homepage?

1st Death (Adventure Time); 23 votes
2nd Lucious Heinous VII.; 7 votes
3rd Fred Fredburger; 5 votes
4th Death (Regular Show); 3 votes
5th Hector Con Carne; 2 votes

September 13, 2013Edit

What do you think about the new homepage?

1st It's much better than the previous one, thumbs up!; 26 votes
2nd It doesn't really matter to me.; 2 votes
3rd I don't like it at all.; 1 vote
4th I liked the previous one better.; 0 votes

September 6, 2013Edit

Are you more a Cartoon Network of a NickToons fan?

1st Cartoon Network; 36 votes
2nd I like both equal; 15 votes
3rd NickToons; 2 votes
4th I don't like any of their cartoons; 2 votes

August 27, 2013Edit

Would you like to see Grim Tales to become an anime?

1st Hell Yeah!; 61 votes
2nd Maybe; 8 votes
3rd No, just no; 5 votes

August 17, 2013Edit

What do you think is going to happen if the bomb goes off in PPGD?

1st Everyone gets sent to an alternate universe.; 47 votes
2nd Just like with the Moon, nothing seems to have happened.; 22 votes
3rd Everyone dies.; 4 votes
4th Everyone gets sent to another time.; 3 votes

August 4, 2013Edit

Who do you want to see introduced in the new Skull-Boy comic?

1st Stalker Girl; 18 votes
2nd Kerry; 8 votes
3rd Eight-Bit; 1 vote
Satan Kitty; 1 vote
4th L.D.G.; 0 votes

July 27, 2013Edit

Most attractive adult woman?

1st Mandy; 26 votes
2nd Raven; 19 votes
3rd Blossom; 8 votes
4th Ikra; 6 votes

July 20, 2013Edit

Do you want Sugar Bits to get another chapter?

1st Yes, I really hope it is going to continue.; 37 votes
2nd No, I think it is the best to end with this chapter.; 6 votes
3rd No, I dislike the comic.; 1 vote
4th Yes, but only 1 chapter.; 0 votes

July 13, 2013Edit

Who do you certainly want to see in Mandy's army?

1st Nergal Junior; 21 votes
2nd Spawn; 16 votes
3rd Jack Skellington; 5 votes
4th Dan Phantom; 2 votes

July 6, 2013Edit

Which story is the most interesting at the moment?

1st Grim Tales; 36 votes
2nd Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi; 13 votes
3rd Skull-Boy; 1 vote

June 30, 2013Edit

Which villain would you like to see more in PPGD?

1st Princess Morbucks; 22 votes
2nd Mojo Jojo; 7 votes
3rd Black Cuervo; 4 votes
4th Mr. Crocker; 3 votes
5th Vexus; 1 vote
Father; 1 vote

June 22, 2013Edit

What is your favorite old NickToons show?

1st Danny Phantom; 24 votes
2nd Invader Zim; 8 votes
3rd My Life as a Teenage Robot; 5 votes
4th SpongeBob SquarePants; 4 votes
The Fairly OddParents; 4 votes
Mina and the Count; 4 votes

June 14, 2013Edit

Which kid do you want to see the most in Grim Tales?

1st Marceline; 46 votes
2nd Mina Harper; 9 votes
3rd Django of the Dead; 7 votes
4th Inferno; 4 votes

June 8, 2013Edit

Which new ghost do you want to see in Grim Tales?

1st Inferno (son of Ember & Skulker); 14 votes
2nd Ember McLain; 13 votes
3rd Box Ghost; 6 votes
4th Walker; 1 vote
Penelope Spectra; 1 vote
5th Skulker; 0 votes
Nicolai Technus; 0 votes
Youngblood; 0 votes

May 31, 2013Edit

Who is your favorite sidekick?

1st Courage; 11 votes
2nd GIR; 9 votes
3rd Demongo; 4 votes
4th Jeff the Spider; 2 votes
Nemo; 2 votes
5th Protoboy; 0 votes
Lord Pain; 0 votes
Mint; 0 votes
Jerry; 0 votes

May 24, 2013Edit

Who is your favorite robot/android?

1st Jenny; 10 votes
GIR; 10 votes
2nd Dynamo; 4 votes
3rd Samantha; 3 votes
Megas; 3 votes
4th Protoboy; 2 votes
5th Vexus; 1 vote
Darkstar Council; 1 vote

May 18, 2013Edit

Who is your favorite pairing in Grim Tales?

1st Grim Jr. X Mimi; 27 votes
2nd Grim Jr. X Minnie; 7 votes
Blossom X Dexter; 7 votes
3rd Mimi X Chi; 4 votes
4th Mandy X Grim; 1 vote
Mandy X Nergal Jr.; 1 vote
Mandy X Dan Phantom; 1 vote
Blossom X HIM; 1 vote

May 11, 2013Edit

What do you think will happen in PPGD?

1st Blossom and Buttercup both defeat their opponents.; 15 votes
2nd Bell and Buttercup both defeat their opponents.; 2 votes
It will be a tie.; 2 votes
3rd Bell and Samantha both defeat their opponents.; 1 vote
4th Blossom and Samantha both defeat their opponents.; 0 votes

May 3, 2013Edit

Who is your favorite Underworld ruler?

1st Grim and Mandy; 27 votes
2nd HIM; 3 votes
3rd Aku; 2 votes
4th Hunson Abadeer; 1 vote
Walker; 1 vote

April 26, 2013Edit

Which realm could be one of the other 2 unknown realms in the Underworld?

1st Azarath; 13 votes
2nd The Land of Dead; 10 votes
3rd Realm of Malebolgia; 4 votes
4th Miseryville; 3 votes
5th Count's Castle; 2 votes
Ledgerdomain; 2 votes

April 19, 2013Edit

Do you like the new Grim Tales character; Chi?

1st Yes, very interested in her; 36 votes
2nd I first want to wait and see more of her before I decide; 16 votes
3rd Yes, but I have my doubts about her; 3 votes
4th No, I think she will have a bad background; 0 votes
No, she looks like a terrible character; 0 votes

April 12, 2013Edit

What is your favorite realm in the Underworld?

1st City of Aku; 16 votes
2nd Castle of Grim; 15 votes
3rd Nightosphere; 6 votes
4th The Ghost Zone; 3 votes
5th Land of Tainted Souls; 2 votes
6th: One of the other two unknown realms; 1 vote

April 5, 2013Edit

Who is your most favorite Skull-Boy character?

1st Skull Boy; 14 votes
2nd Demon Child; 7 votes
3rd Kerry; 3 votes
4th Stalker Girl; 2 votes
5th L.D.G.; 1 vote
Psycho Kid; 1 vote
Eight-Bit; 1 vote
6th: Satan Kitty; 0 votes

March 29, 2013Edit

Who is the hottest guy in Sugar Bits?

1st Hansel Gingerman; 8 votes
2nd Mammon; 6 votes
3rd Braveun; 3 votes
4th King; 0 votes
Bleed Heart; 0 votes
Professor Çocoa; 0 votes

March 24, 2013Edit

Who is the hottest guy in Grim Tales?

1st Grim Junior; 24 votes
2nd Nergal Junior; 2 votes
3rd Dan Phantom; 1 vote
Grim Reaper; 1 vote
4th HIM; 0 votes
Spawn; 0 votes
Vlad the Count; 0 votes

March 16, 2013Edit

Who is the hottest guy in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi?

1st Dexter; 21 votes
2nd Sensei Jack; 3 votes
3rd Naga; 2 votes
4th Dib Membrane; 1 vote
Otto Osworth; 1 vote
5th Dr. X; 0 votes
Invader Zim; 0 votes
Mojo Jojo; 0 votes

March 8, 2013Edit

Who is the hottest woman in Sugar Bits?

1st Ginger; 9 votes
2nd Nurse Jellybean; 6 votes
3rd Bo; 3 votes
4th Robin; 2 votes
5th Licorice; 1 vote
Cupcake; 1 vote
Red Riding Hood; 1 vote

March 1, 2013Edit

Who is the hottest woman in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi?

1st Blossom; 14 votes
2nd Bubbles; 3 votes
Bell; 3 votes
Jenny; 3 votes
3rd Buttercup; 2 votes
Dee Dee; 2 votes
Gaz; 1 vote
Atomic Betty; 1 vote
4th Olga; 0 votes
Samantha; 0 votes
Samantha; 0 votes
Suzy; 0 votes
Tootie; 0 votes

February 22, 2013Edit

Who is the hottest woman in Grim Tales?

1st Mimi; 7 votes
2nd Mandy; 6 votes
3rd Minimandy; 5 votes
Blossom Utonium; 5 votes
4th Raven; 3 votes
Mina Harper; 3 votes

February 15, 2013Edit

Which species do you prefer?

1st Demon (Nergaling); 9 votes
2nd Human; 8 votes
3rd Transhuman; 6 votes
4th Devil; 5 votes
5th Vampire; 3 votes
6th Skeleton; 1 vote
Robot; 1 vote
7th Ghost; 0 votes

February 8, 2013Edit

Who do you think Grim Jr.'s father is?

1st Other; 21 votes
2nd Timmy Turner; 11 votes
3rd Billy; 3 votes
4th Drax; 1 vote
Dexter; 1 vote

February 1, 2013Edit

Which (adult) scientist do you like the most?

1st Professor Jonathan Utonium; 17 votes
2nd Dr. X; 4 votes
3rd Professor Membrane; 3 vote
Professor Noreen Wakeman; 3 vote
4th Dr. Heinz Doofenschmirtz; 2 votes
5th I. M. Weasel; 1 vote
6th Mayor Doctor Ghastly; 0 votes

January 25, 2013Edit

What is the thing that attracts you the most at this moment?

1st The fight between Blossom & Buttercup against Bell & Samantha; 12 votes
2nd The event that is going to occur at Mimi's birthday; 10 votes
3rd What will happen next in Sugar Bits; 9 votes

January 19, 2013Edit

Do you think that the PPGD universe and the GT universe should be connected?

1st Yes, it would make sense and would be awesome; 18 votes
2nd No, keep them separated, I like the idea of an alternate universe better; 13 votes
3rd Yes, but then we know how PPGD will end; 1 vote
4th No, that's stupid; 0 votes

January 11, 2013Edit

Would you like to see Vanellope von Sweetz in Sugar Bits?

1st Yes, she would fit in perfectly; 20 votes
2nd Yes, but only as cameo; 1 vote
3rd No, then are it no more only canon characters; 0 votes
No, she is stupid; 0 votes

January 4, 2013Edit

Who of the deceased characters do you miss most?

1st Blossom; 16 votes
2nd Dee Dee; 4 votes
3rd Raven; 3 votes
4th Atomic Betty; 2 votes
5th Nergal; 1 vote
Jeffrey the Spider; 1 vote
6th Mandark; 0 votes
Irwin; 0 votes
Hoss Delgado; 0 votes
Oogie Boogie; 0 votes

December 29, 2012Edit

Who is your favorite Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy character?

1st Mandy; 19 votes
2nd Grim Reaper; 4 votes
3rd Jeffrey the Spider; 3 votes
4th Nergal Junior; 2 votes
Lord Pain; 2 votes
5th Nergal; 1 vote
6th Billy; 0 votes
Irwin; 0 votes
Hoss Delgado; 0 votes
Boogeyman; 0 votes

December 22, 2012Edit

Do you want to see another chapter of Sugar Bits?

1st Yes; 19 votes
2nd No; 0 votes
Depends on what they're going to do; 0 votes

December 14, 2012Edit

Which character(s) should get more attention in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi?

1st Bunny Utonium; 15 votes
2nd Mac & Bloo; 2 votes
Dib Membrane; 2 votes
3rd Timmy Turner; 1 vote
4th Supercow; 0 votes
Dora Marquez; 0 votes

December 7, 2012Edit

Who should get an own chapter in Grim Tales: Further Orientation?

1st Mina Harper; 8 votes
2nd Marceline Abadeer & Simon Petrikov; 2 votes
3rd Minimandy & Grim Junior; 2 votes
Minimandy; 3 votes
4th Grim Junior; 2 votes
Mandy & Nergal Junior; 2 votes

November 30, 2012Edit

Who is the most beautiful girl?

1st Mimi Her; 8 votes
2ndBlossom Utonium; 4 votes
3rd Robin; 3 votes
Minimandy; 3 votes
4th Mandy; 2 votes
5th Bubbles Utonium; 1 vote
Mina Harper; 1 vote
Ginger; 1 vote
6th Buttercup Utonium; 0 votes
Licorice; 0 votes
Bo; 0 votes

November 23, 2012Edit

Who is your favorite Powerpuff Girls character?

1st Blossom; 13 votes
2nd Bubbles; 8 votes
3rdButtercup; 5 votes
4th The Rowdyruff Boys; 4 votes
5th HIM; 2 votes
6th Mojo Jojo; 1 vote
Dynamo; 1 vote
7th Professor Utonium; 0 votes
Princess Morbucks; 0 votes
Fuzzy Lumpkins; 0 votes

November 16, 2012Edit

Who is your favorite Brave Heart?

1st Hansel Gingerman; 7 votes
2nd Braveun; 6 votes
3rd Bo; 5 votes
4th Robin; 4 vote
5th King; 0 votes

November 7, 2012Edit

What is your opinion about the change into Snafu Comics Wiki?

1st Better, then other comics can be represented too and the wiki gets bigger. 14 votes
2nd Good, but it wasn't really necessary, it was already good. 4 votes
3rd Stupid, only Bleeds comics should be here. 3 votes
4th Don't like it, don't hate it. 1 vote
I don't have an opinion. 1 vote

October 31, 2012Edit

Who is your favorite villain?

1st Bell; 14 votes
2ndHIM; 11 votes
3rd Dr. X; 3 votes
4th Mojo Jojo; 2 votes
5th Mandark; 1 vote
6th Samantha; 0 votes
Vexus; 0 votes
Oogie Boogie; 0 votes
Pumpkinator; 0 votes
Bleed Heart; 0 votes
Mindsnare; 0 votes

October 24, 2012Edit

Who is your favorite pet in the comics?

1st Courage.; 12 votes
2nd GIR; 7 votes
3rd Zero; 1 votes
Cerberus; 1 votes
4th Mint; 0 votes
Nemo; 0 votes
Mr. Snuggles; 0 votes

October 16, 2012Edit

How would you describe Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi Chapter 9?

1st It was awesome.; 16 votes
2nd It was as good as any other chapter.; 1 vote
3rd I think it was good.; 0 votes
It could have been better.; 0 votes
It was bad. 0 votes

October 8, 2012Edit

What do you find of the inclusion of Adventure Time characters?

1st Awesome! I really love Adventure Time!; 19 votes
2nd Cool, it's a good show with good characters.; 5 votes.
3rd Meh, I don't really care.; 1 vote
4th Stupid! They shouldn't include that show!; 0 votes

September 26, 2012Edit

Who is your favorite Grim Tales character?

1st Mimi; 12 votes

2nd Grim Junior; 5 votes

3rd Minimandy; 3 votes

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