Griddles Teams Originals by Griddles

The Originals aren't officially in a trio. However, they're worthy of mention, mainly because they're a bit underrated. Sora's finding her feet after her inclusion in my story, and Zoe, if we recall, was introduced at the end of Reunification. I wonder if anyone wants her back...


Sora is a genetically engineered child who was a part of a clandestine government experiment to create one-man superweapons in order to reduce military cost and casualties. Subjected to unspeakable tests and horrors, Sora masks her messed mentality beneath a pleasant smile and glistening green eyes. Her powers as a Zoner allow her to manipulate objects around her within a certain radius, and her greatest strength is the power to unleash a Void Erasure, a skill so strong that she swore never to use it. She always wears a gemstone on her body, either on a necklace or pinned to her shirt. This necklace is extremely important to her. Never try to take it from her!

Zoe is not a real girl, or a real lifeform at all for that matter. She, or it, is a mimetic organism created of what can only be described as 'living metal', capable of taking the shape of anything it desires, but choosing to maintain the form of a young girl as its attempt to mimic its 'mother', Barasia. Zoe implants its mimetic properties into the earth it stands upon, transforming matter into its own personal clay with which to mold all kinds of objects, from weapons to buildings to anything it requires, which rise out of the ground to the sound of a strange, ethereal vibration that appears to be Zoe's natural means of communicating. Somehow unable to speak, Zoe wears only a tattered rag and old flip-flops in its humanoid form, and its peculiar eyes spin endlessly, emotionlessly...

Lexine is Biohazard's little girl. Born during a scandelous relationship with a Normal scientist whose relationship with the young Trinity girl would inevitably ruin him, Bio ran away to give birth in solitude. Unable to care for her daughter, she allowed Lexine to be adopted into a good home before returning to the man she once loved to perform one final act of absolution. Lexine grew up never knowing her mother but hearing often of her legacy. She even started to wear an outfit similar to that which her mother wore in her younger days, but with its particular mocha colour to match her eyes. Part-Latino, Lexine looks much like Bio and wishes there was some way to meet her mother face to face, if only for long enough to tell her that she loves her so very much.

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