One Winged Angel is that; Classic Big Bads have the tendency, when push comes to shove, to turn into big honking monsters. A mad scientist in a fit of urgency might down his own mutagen, or a cyborg turns his body into a living bomb, or a mild-mannered enemy reveals her terrifying true form. Bets are good they'll become way more bloated, ugly, or plain disfigured. Sometimes this is more subtle, and the character will look perfectly normal (or even attractive) save for a few glaring monstrosities that give them a scary Game Face.

List of One Winged AngelsEdit

  • Minimandy when she was in the Underworld trying to kill Grim Jr. and thus transformed into "her mother".
  • Grim Jr. after Dan Phantom destroyed the Demon Reaper with his ghost ray.
  • HIM after he was "nuked" he came back in his Speed Demon form.
  • Boogeyman after his eye were taken and transformed into a monster mixed from powers from several Underderworld children.
  • Big Bad Wolf after it was damaged too much and thus transformed into that.
  • Brave when he tried to save Red but was stopped by Wolf only to find his inner flame and free Red afterall.


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