Olga Astronomonov Gallery Quotes
You like dancing, huh? Maybe you should come to the try-outs in the auditorium after school today
— Olga to Bubbles

It's great that you're already changed... but we haven't started yet.
— Olga to the dancing Bubbles

Oh, look. A genius. That's great! Don't you think so Ms. Honeydew?
— Olga to Honeydew when Dexter arrives

If that's too much of a mouthful, you can just call me... LALAVAVA. ϟ
— Olga introducing herself

Wonderful... now try having rhythm, you know with the music?
— Olga to Bubbles after her performance

Hello, Mandy. You can relax. I'm not here to bother you. I'm here to bother Bubbles
— Olga to Mandy

Nice catch
— Olga to Dexter after he caught a Frisbee

You're really quite the genius, Dexter
— Olga to Dexter

— Olga to Dexter carrying her

Big Red Bow. Gee, I wonder where you got that.
— Olga's reply to the new password of Dexter

Wait! Why is the new security question..."Cheese Omelette in French"? I don't know any French!
— Olga seeing the new security question

It's... It's going to be alright, Dexter.
— Olga trying to comfort Dexter

I d-don't want to d-d-die, Dexter!
— Olga right before being consumed by the blast of the bomb

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