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Mint with scarf
Name Mint
Sex Male
Species Bunny
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Hair Color White
Friends Cupcake, Hansel
Enemies Bleed Heart
Occupation(s) Pet
Residence Veggiehut

Mint is a recurring character in Sugar Bits. Mint is a white bunny and the pet of Cupcake. He appears in Chapter 1, 4 and 7 alongside with Cupcake, like he always is.


Mint is the white rabbit who always is together with Cupcake. He likes to eat candy and likes Hansel also very much. He first appeared in the gardens of Confectionaria and bit Gingerman before it got involved with a pie fight. He later appeared sleeping with Cupcake. He later appeared along with Cupcake when they arrived in Dystopius and stayed with the Brave Heart's.


Mint is a little white bunny wearing a purple collar. He sometimes equips different attachments like a pink sleeping hat or a pink scarf.


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