Minimandy Gallery Quotes

From Down BelowEdit

By father's scythe, this is my brothers!

This bone.. Is mine brother in peril? Lead me to him with the haste of thought!

Brother, Help me!

My soul is yours, brother.
— Minimandy to Grim Jr.

What About MimiEdit

Brother, I fear, a mistake so brave! O I lament, Why doth thou get us into trouble such as this?
— To Grim Jr. in "Pale Rider"

Her eyes! The fires of Hell itself doth fail to burn as bright!
— Warning Grim Jr. about Mimi in "Skull-Crushing Finale"

Do not be rash, dear brother. As to reflect upon thy actions in lieu of what is to come!
— To Grim Jr. in "Hamerdown Protocol".

The pain will be brief, brother. Endure it.
— To Grim Jr. in "Scythe To Meet You"

~How cruel, My name be so apt...~
— Minnie in "Gotta Hand It To Ya"

The Heavens scream!
— Minnie in "Breaking, Down and Through"


Please.. You said you'd be be beside me.. I thought you loved me!
— after Grim Jr. left Castle Evergrim.

—  To Drax

Thou preoccupation with causing such fright doth perplex me, Loved One. I ask thou permission to be excused...
— To Boogeyman

— to Grim Jr.

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