Raven, Irwin, Hoss Delgado & Blossom vs The Lava Monster vs HIM


Mimi's Birthday

Mimi vs Mina & the Count

Grim Tales: Further Orientation





Powers & Abilities
  • Weapons summoning
  • Vampire powers
Damage Sustained/Casualties

Mimi vs Mina & the Count is a battle fought between Mina Harper and Mimi due to a bet made between Mina and Him.



Mina getting saved by Mimi

It starts with Mimi who was seen hunting Mina and was hurting her with a steak and mallet. After Mina was hit she transformed into a demon wolf and tried to attack Mimi but, Mimi was able to stop her by putting a piece a garlic bread in her mouth which made her transform back into her vampire self. As soon as Mina was on the ground Mimi threw a house above her and Vlad the Count called out to Mina to use her mist powers. When house finally crashed Mina was able to use her mist powers in time, but Mimi used a vacuum cleaner to suck Mina while she was using her mist powers and shook her until she gave up. Mimi throws the vacuum down. Mina crawls out in her bat form when Mimi proceeds to hit her with a "Home For Sale" sign. While Mina is down Mimi tries to kill Mina with the other end of the sign but Mina is saved by Vlad in his moster bat form.



Mina talking about her problem

Mimi wants to throw KITT to Mina but Vlad says that Mina surrenders and holds her in his arms. HIM then approuches along with Jeff and says Mimi to stop since they already won. Mimi drops KITT while HIM says that following to the contract Vlad's castle and belongings are now his. Vlad gets angry saying he never signed any contract but HIM says he didn't but Mina has. Vlad gets mad at Mina for disobeying her, but Mina says that she doesn't want to be treated like a seven-year old again. Vlad apologizes and the two talk further while HIM is about to leave along with Mimi and Jeff.

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