Mimi's Necklace
Name Mimi's Necklace
Origin Grim Tales
Type Jewelry
Owner Raven, Jeff the Spider (formerly)

Mimi (currently)

Mimi's Necklace is an object that appears in Grim Tales. It is currently worn by Mimi, but instead of wearing it on her neck she has it aound her forehead and thus the golden circle is seen on the middle of her forehead.

Grim TalesEdit

Raven bought the necklace for Mimi, alhough she wanted to buy a ruby necklace but couldn't afford it. Before Raven died she gave it to Jeff and told him to give it to Mimi on her birthday.

In Grim Tales: Further Orientation, Mimi isn't seen wearing the necklace until Jeff gives it to her during her birthday party. Mimi then suddenly remembers that Raven was going to buy a pendalon for her next birthday. But because Raven was killed by HIM, Jeff gave it to her. Mimi immediately snapped the necklace and, threw the chain away and put the pendalon on her head, giving her current hairstyle.

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