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Mimi's Birthday is an event that happened in Grim Tales. It revolves around the 11th birthday of Mimi which she celebrates with her remaining friends.

Business TalkEdit


Hunson talking HIM into celebrating Mimi's birthday.

After the battle HIM returns back to his home along with Mimi and Jeff. Upon arrival Jeff asks HIM if they were allowed to celebrate the birthday of Mimi with a little party. HIM disagrees, as he doesn't like party's especially when there are no strippers. HIM gets a phone call from Hunson Abadeer and says that Mimi's fusion has to wait, and commands Jeff to get some refreshments. Hunson arrives and starts looking at the family pictures of HIM and asks why they were there, as he never saw HIM as a family man. HIM responds that they're only there to remind them of how evil is. Hunson commends on the pictures as it shows Mimi killing her mother, and HIM killing her friends. Hunson somehow feels pity for Mimi and Jeff and talks with HIM about celebrating Mimi's birthday. Hunson talked HIM into letting Jeff celebrate Mimi's birthday. Jeff thanks Hunson and prepares her birthday.

The BirthdayEdit


Mimi facing The Lava Monster

Jeff arrives on a spot in Hell with a cupcake for Mimi when he suddenly sees her doing a stare contest with The Lava Monster. The Lava Monster comments that he had to win this, as Mimi already has won everything else, except for Rock, Paper, Scissors. Eventually Mimi blinks and The Lava Monster wins. He brings Mimi to the ground who sees that Jeff is holding a cupcake and immediately wants to eat it. Mimi quickly grabs the cupcake but Jeff pulls it back with his web-string. Mimi wants to have it but is stopped by The Lava Monster, Jeff comments that it is the excitement. Jeff ties Mimi in his web while The Lava Monster makes some decoration, Mimi meanwhile tries to cut herself loose with a knife. Jeff then places a present for her on the table and she sees that it is the gift is from Raven. She gets mad and grabs the present. She stands still and The Lava Monster wonders what she is doing, Jeff says to leave her alone.

And do the Harlem ShakeEdit

After Mimi had her flashback about her past with Raven she opens the present and sees the golden necklace that Raven bought for her. Mimi rips the chain apart from the gem. She walks towards the fire and holds the gem above it and then burns it on her forehead. She cuts of some hair with her claws and has her current appearance. Suddenly some devils appear and begin to party and do the Harlem Shake, along with various other famous horror creatures. After the party is over Jeff brings Mimi to her bed. Mimi licks Jeff and goes to sleep under her bed, as Jeff wishes her sweet dreams.

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