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It's beginnin's were humble, but Megaville rose to be known as the superhero capital of de world! Tink o​f it like a meetin' place, were supers gathered to fight the threats dat were naturally drawn to it.
— Grim to his family

Name Megaville
Type Town
Ruler Unknown Mayor (former)

Mandy (former)

Location America
Notable inhabitants Characters

Megaville is the city/place where Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi takes place. Megaville also reappears in The Grim Tales From Down Below. It is also known as the city of hope/city of heroes.

Grim Tales

In The Grim Tales Down Below, Megaville is seen to be in ruins. Apparently, because of a traitor, Megaville and its heroes fall. Buildings are rotten and destroyed, the ground is crumbly, and even the sky is a dark tone. The city was most likely damaged even more when Raven caused an explosion there.

Known Places


Megaville was a fictional city made by Bleedman, the name is inspired by several other towns and cities from the cartoon universes. Townsville from The Powerpuff Girls, Endsville from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Amity Park from Danny Phantom and several other series.

There are also several elements from above named, and other, series. The lab of Dexter and Mandark are located in Megaville, the PPG house, Billy & Mandy's house, the City Hall, the Nasty Burger and other places.

Possible Other Places

Local places

  • SM city Megaville (SM supermalls PH-USA)
  • Megaville Zoo
  • Megaville High School

Local/City goverment

  • Megaville city Hall
  • Megaville city Police Department
  • Megaville city Fire station Dept.

US Goverment places

  • Port Megaville US Army Base
  • Megaville US Naval Base, Megaville Beach Resort
  • Megaville US Marine Corps Base Megaville Beach Resort
  • Megaville Air Force Base, US Air Force
  • Museum of Natural History, Megaville
  • FBI Headquarters downtown


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