Mandark Astronomonov Gallery Quotes
Excellent! Hahaha!! Hahaha!! Ha Ha Ha Hahahahaha!
— Mandark's weird laugh

No... What have I done?
— Mandark after killing Dee Dee

Dee Dee... Dee Dee. Dee Dee, my love. My precious.
— Mandark mourning over Dee Dee's grave

Right you are! And playtime's over!!! Take her down, my minions!!!
— Mandark to Blossom

Is that the best you can do?
— Mandark taunting Dexter

I... But I do have a sister. My little sister...
— Mandark revealing Olga to Dexter

— Mandark gone insane

Crush him! Crush him! slowly...very slowly... I want to hear him scream for mercy!
— Mandark to his robot

How dare you intervene!
— Mandark to Buttercup

So be it! You want to be part of this?!! Then I'll take you all to hell with me!!! None of you will ever leave this place alive!!!
— Mandark's last line

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