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Kaede by bleedman-d4idulk


Kaede is an original character, created by BritsMc13 (formerly known as Strenghtandharmony). No background is given to the character. Kaede is young man with short spiked black hair and black eyes. He is dressed casual, in white shirt with black stripes, black jacket, black pants and black shoes.

Kaede has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Kaede, as a commission for BritsMc13.


  • Kingdom Hearts
  • One Sky, One Destiny
Kairi is one of several original characters appearing in Kingdom Hearts, and is also one of the main characters in the series. She is the original persona of Naminé. Kairi was born in Radiant Garden and currently lives on Destiny Islands along with her two best friends, Sora and Riku. She is four during Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, fourteen at the start of Kingdom Hearts, fifteen during Kingdom Hearts II and sixteen during the events of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Kairi's name is derived from the Japanese word for "sea" (海 Kai?), though her full name is homophonous with the word for "nautical mile" (海里 Kairi?).

Kaira has been featured in two pieces of Bleedman Character Art, in Kingdom Hearts, together with Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Naminé and Sora. She is featured on the left side of the picture, left to Donald Duck and in One Sky, One Destiny as a commission for Numa430. One Sky, One Destiny has been featured exclusively on Numa430's DeviantArt Page.

Kaoru MatsubaraEdit

  • Z
  • Kaoru Matsubara
Kaoru Matsubara (松原かおる Matsubara Kaoru) AKA Powered Buttercup (パワード・バターカップ Pawādo Batākappu) is one of the lead protagonists in the anime series: Demashita Powerpuff Girls Z. She is Powerpuff Girl Z counterpart of Buttercup, from the cartoon series, Powerpuff Girls. She is much like her American counterpart in personality. She likes to skateboard and hates wearing skirts (and she even got a cold from wearing her PPGZ uniform.) She was the last to be hit by the white light. She loves sports and is very athletic at school. She initially dislikes her teammates because they are very "girly" and only joins due to the power she has achieved. Unlike Bubbles, she does not use honorifics (which in Japan is very rude.) She makes the occasional reference to the original series by saying "We save the day BEFORE bedtime!."The reason why she is called Powered is because of her hammer weapon since hammers are strong.

Kaoru has been featured in two pieces in Bleedman Character Art, first in Z, together with Momoko Akatsutsumi and Miyako Gotokuji. She appears on the left of the picture, next to Momoko. Kaoru appears for a second time in Kaoru Matsubara, a commission for Ach-thenuts and is featured exclusively on his DeviantArt Page.

Karate SharksEdit

Sharks by bleedman-d9cn3om


The Karate Sharks are two original characters created by Bleedman. The Karate Sharks are two antropomorphic sharks, dressed in a karate gi and red hand protection. Both Sharks are wearing a black belt The first karate shark is a grey hammerhead shark and is seen kicking in the air. He is featured on the left. The second karate shark is a tiger shark, colored to explicitly resemble a regular tiger. The tiger shark has a black hairband around his fin. Both are featured with the name of the dojo, TCKMMA and the tagline, Fight as a shark. In the case of the hammerhead shark, it is curved to accentuate his move.

The Karate Sharks has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Sharks and were a commission for Jabril77, as logos for his dojo.


  • Onion and Banana Juice
  • Benders
Katara is one of the main characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender. She is a female waterbending master, born and raised in the Southern Water Tribe by her grandmother, Kanna, alongside her older brother Sokka, and is the daughter of Chief Hakoda and Kya. During her childhood, Katara was one of the last two capable of performing the art from her tribe. At first she lived a peaceful life with her family, until she lost her mother in a Fire Nation raid. Years after this tragedy, as a teenager, she and her brother discovered the young Air Nomad Avatar, Aang, who had been encased within a sphere of ice for one hundred years. In need of a waterbending master, the siblings and Aang left the South Pole, headed to Northern Water Tribe. Katara and Sokka eventually became close friends of Aang, and after their journey to the North Pole, continued to travel with him across the world as he mastered the remaining elements, earth and fire. The siblings' assistance helped Aang halt the Fire Nation's ambitions of world domination, ending the century-long war, and finally restoring balance to the world.

Katara has been featured in two pieces of Bleedman Character Art, in a sketch, Onion and Banana Juice, and later in a finished version of the sketch, Benders. In both she was featured together with Aang and Toph Beifong.</p>

Kate StrifeEdit

Kate strife by bleedman
Kate Strife is an original character, created by Kate-strife06 and drawn by Bleedman. Kate is a catgirl, meaning she has two large cat ears. She has red eyes, two red stripes on the side of her head and long black hair. On the centre of her forehead, she has a half-moon symbool, drawn on her pony. She wears a grey longshirt, a black-white striped undershirt and a short pleated black miniskirt as well as black tights and black dolly shoes. Kate has painted her fingernails red, matching her eye color.

Kate has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Kate Strife, as commission for Kate-strife06

Katherine DeKarloEdit

The school girl by bleedman

The School Girl

Katherine "Kitty" DeKarlo AKA The Schoolgirl is an original character created by DoctorVorlon and drawn by Bleedman. The character was created as a submission for mja42x's Deviant Universe. Katherine is the daughter of the late Kramer DeKarlo and the latest in a long line of genius adventurers. Enigmatic and and seemingly irreverent, much about her is a mystery. All that is known for certain is that she's an expert on all things unusual.. and that she is pretty amazing. Her body contains sophisticated nanogenes that enhanced both her strenght and reflexes as well as giving her accelerated healing. Her life span is estimated to be longer than that of regular humans but it remains unknown how long exactly and if the nanogenes are responsible for this. Although she is proficient in kickboxing and gymnastics, she prefers to rely on her intelligence. Her knowlegde is almost encyclopedic and loves it to outsmart her opponents. Physical violence is a last resort measure to her.

Katherine has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, The School Girl, as a commission for DoctorVolon.

Kathy FlintEdit

Kathy and captain silver by bleedman-d7vw8hv

Kathy and Captain Silver

Kathy Flint is a main character in the 1971 anime film, Animal Treasure Island (どうぶつ宝島 Dōbutsu Takarajima?). Kathy Flint is the granddaughter of the infamous pirate captain, captain Flint and often described as feisty and resolute. She helps the duo Jim and Gran escape the holding cells of Captain Silver. Kathy than stole the treasure map that was made by her grandfather. She later finds herself once again prisoner of Silver, just like her friends and it is then that she strikes a deal with the man. The safety of her friends in exchange for the treasure's location. She is however not above tricks and in the end, she, Jim, Gran and a group of reformed pirates managed to get her grandfather's treasure, while Silver and his lieutenant Spider are swept out to sea. After recovering the treasure, she stole Silver's ship as well.

Kathy Flint has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Kathy and Captain Silver, together with Captain Silver.


Lis katie hazel by bleedman-d8urxdc


Katie is the main character in the graphic novel, Seconds, written by Bryan Lee O'Malley. Katie is young girl with spikey red hair. She is the founder of the restaurant, Seconds. She wants to open up a new restaurant with her business partner, Arthur. However, she gets into quite the predicament when she gains the ability to rewrite the past. This gift is given to her by the house spirit, Lis. Despite the warning not to overdo things, Katie ignores these warnings which let to some unexpected results as her actions and especially the rate of her alternations of time, disrupts the time-space continium.

Katie has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Lis,Katie,Hazel, together with the house spirit Lis on her left and her friend Hazel on her right.

Kaya XavierEdit

Desktop by bleedman


Kaya Xavier is a character from the erotic Japanse Visual novel/game, Shoujo Mahou Gaku Little Witch Romanesque. She is a young girl with long black hair and pink eyes. She is one of the protagonist Domino's pupils. A simple and serious girl. She is very sensitive and will be deeply moved by little things. She likes naps, stories, and taking baths.

Kaya has been featured in Bleedman Character Art, Desktop, with Aria Vancleef, both flying on a broomstick. Apparently, he used the artwork for his desktop in 2005.




Ketil is an original character, created by Erix3423 and drawn by Bleedman. He is a ninja, with dark-red hair. He wears a purple jumpsuit and a brown overcoat. His weapon of choice is a giant blade. He is the signature character of Erix3423.

Ketil has been featured in Bleedman Character Art, Ketil, as commission for Erix3423.

Kevin ColeEdit

  • Temporal Challenger
  • Clockwork
Kevin Cole AKA Clockwork is an original character, created by Numa430 and drawn by Bleedman. Clockwork is a supervillain wearing a high-tech suit. Clockwork was born in 38th Century, as a man named Kevin Cole. A poor civilian in the streets, his thirst for knowledge and power began when he found a old suit of armor in a historical museum. He stole the suit later, only to find the suit to be damaged. He was a clever man however and was able to do the necessary modifications to make the suit function again. During a test drive, he learned how to travel back in time. He used his powers to steal priceless artifacts from history to sell them on the black market. In later years, he would built himself a fotress made of old clocks outside of time. After his base was finished, he decided to travel back in time, to the 21st century.

Clockwork has been featured in two pieces of Bleedman Character Art, first in Temporal Challenger and a second time in Clockwork, both as a commission for Numa430 and exclusively featured on Numa430's DeviantArt Page.

Kids From Down BelowEdit



The Kids From Down Below is an original group made by Bleedman but who never made it to the comics. The Kids From Down Below were meant to be an Underworld equivalent of Kids Next Door and constited out LenoreRagamuffinNergal Jr.Mr. Bonkers Grim Jr. and Minimandy. Despite the fact that the group never made it to the comics, all members have appeared seperately in the comics, either as full characters or as cameos.

Kids From Dow Below has been featured in Bleedman Character Art, K.D.B.


Kidraa by bleedman


Kidraa is an original characters created 2Lovinuyasha and drawn by Bleedman. Kidraa is a female human-dragon hybrid. She has the ears, and long plumed tail of a green dragon, as well as a pair of dragon wings sprouting from her back. She has a brown hair and red eyes. She is dressed in provocative atire consisting pit a black leather crop top, a black leather miniskirt and knee-high boots. She also wears a collar with a upside heart as dogtag and a pair of black-yellow wristbands. In her right hand, she holds a sword.

Kidraa has been featured in Bleedman Character Art, Kidraa, as a commission for 2Lovinuyasha.

Kimiko TohomikoEdit

Young dragons by bleedman

Young Dragons

Kimiko Tohomiko, The Xiaolin Dragon of Fire, is a character in the cartoon series, Xiaolin Showdown and is the only female member of the team. Kimiko is the most tech-savvy member of the team and comes from Japan. Kimiko also changes hairstyles and outfits almost every episode. Kimiko's signature moves are Judolette Flip-Fire and Wudai-Mars Fire. Her preferred Shen Gong Wu is the Star Hanabi, her Wudai Weapon is the Arrow Sparrow, and her elemental Shen Gong Wu is the Cat's Eye Draco. She has the shortest temper, generally at even the slightest provocation. She can however be extremely focused and ignore outer, annoying, distractions. This is evidenced when she wields the Tangle Web Comb, said by Master Fung to require high levels of concentration.

Kimiko has been featured in Bleedman Character Art, Young Dragons, together with Clay Bailey, Jack Spicers, Jack-Bots, Omi, Raimundo Pedrosa and Wuya.

Kimono GirlEdit

Kimono girl by bleedman-d981anr

Kimono Girl

Kimono Girl (no official name given) is an original character created by Bleedman. The girl is a young woman with waist-long purple hair and blue eyes. In her hair, she wears a pink hair band, decorated with a blossom flower. She is dressed in only a short white kimono with a yellow band and a pair of sandels. As mentioned in the description and hinted at in the picture, she wears no underwear beneath the kimono.

Kimono Girl has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Kimino Girl. The image is based on a story Bleedman heard that underneath a kimono, women wears nothing. Beside the fact that the kimino she wears, is way too short to be considered a traditional kimono, the story itself is an urban legend.

King Asgore DreemurrEdit

Ut character chart by bleedman-danvmpw

UT character chart

King Asgore Dreemurr
(/ˈæzɡɔər ˈdriːmər/ AZ-gore DREE-murr) is the ruler of the Underground and its denizens, monsters. He is the ex-husband of Toriel, father of Asriel Dreemurr, adoptive father of the first human, and the penultimate boss of the Neutral Route. While not necessarily evil or malicious, he serves as one of the main antagonists, scheming to kill seven humans and use their SOULs to break the barrier which traps the monsters in the Underground. Asgore is a kind monster that enjoys gardening, Golden Flower Tea, and Toriel's Butterscotch Pie. He speaks in southern jargon (most notably "howdy" and "golly"). Before his battle, he offers the protagonist many opportunities to explore the Underground and is reluctant to fight them at all; he even suggests that Toriel, the protagonist and himself live as a family if the protagonist spares him. Monsters in the Underground look to Asgore for hope and see his plan to collect seven human SOULs as one of the few things that keep them going. However, Asgore does not want to kill anybody and feels so guilty that he offers the protagonist his SOUL to "leave this cursed place." Though he is miserable because he has killed humans, he feels that it is his duty to his people to battle the protagonist.

Asgore has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, first in UT character chart, together with Chara, Dr. Alphys, Frisk, Papyrus, Sans, Toriel and Undyne. King Asgore featured on the second row at the left, next to Chara and Dr. Alphys.

King DededeEdit

Smashing by bleedman


King Dedede (Japanese: デデデ大王 Hepburn: Dedede Daiō?) is a fictional character and the primary antagonist in Nintendo's Kirby video game series created by Masahiro Sakurai and developed by HAL Laboratory. Dedede first appeared in the 1992 video game Kirby's Dream Land as the main villain. He returned for all other games of the series except Kirby & the Amazing Mirror (2004), also appearing in several Kirby comic books, in the 2001 anime series and in the Super Smash Bros. series. King Dedede is a large penguin-like creature, who carries a large wooden mallet as a weapon and is the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land, and the arch-enemy of Kirby. However, his nature has been debated by video game critics since he does not always demonstrate bad attitudes, even fighting alongside Kirby in several titles.

King Dedede has been featured in Bleedman Character Art, Smashing, in the second panel of the picture, together with Bowser, Dibby Kong, Ice Climbers, Ike, Meta Knight, Olimar, Pikachu, Pit, Red and Sheik. He is featured in the upper right corner of the picture.


Smashing by bleedman


Kirby (カービィ Kābī?) is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. As one of Nintendo's most famous and familiar icons, Kirby's round appearance and ability to copy his foes' powers has made him a well known figure in video games, consistently ranked as one of the most iconic video game characters. He first appeared in 1992 in Kirby's Dream Land for the Game Boy. Originally a placeholder, created by Masahiro Sakurai, at the age of 19, for the game's early development, he has since then starred in over 20 games, ranging from action platformers to puzzle, racing, and even pinball, and has been featured as a playable fighter in all Super Smash Bros. games. He has also starred in his own anime and manga series. His most recent appearance is in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, for the Wii U. Since 1999, he has been voiced by Makiko Ohmoto.

Kirby has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Smashing in the first (of three) panel of the picture, together with together with Donkey Kong, Fox McLoud, Link, Lucas, Mario, Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, Samus Aran (with and without suit), Solid Snake, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wario and Yoshi. Kirby is featured in the lower right corner of the picture, together with Fox Mcloud.

Kirino KosokaEdit

Archon 2010 giveaways by bleedman-d31uoog

Archon 2010 giveaways

Kirino Kosoka is a character in the light novel, Oreimo. She is Kyosuke's 14 year-old younger sister. She is normally mature and independent for her age. However this is a facade and she only reveals her true personality (immature, abusive and ungrateful with an aggressive, tsundere-like character) to Kyosuke, whom she orders to play her games and care for the characters, only to accuse him of being a pervert and a lolicon. She is secretly an otaku with an obsession for "little sister"-themed eroge, as well as the children's anime series Stardust Witch Meruru. She works as a magazine model and later becomes a novelist, the funds from which she uses to support her hobby. Despite her interests, she states she does not know why she started liking eroge and denies having a brother complex. Nevertheless, she frequently forces Kyosuke to spend time with her, whether it is playing games or taking her out, but denies that she actually enjoys the time they spend together. Kirino is also shown to become frustrated whenever Kyosuke is with or shows interest in other girls. She even goes so far as to sabotage his time with another girl. Despite this, she is genuinely grateful to her brother. Although she states that she only likes eroge because of their cute characters, she shows a perverted side of herself when playing those games. She uses the screen name Kiririn when with her otaku friends. She used to admire Kyosuke in the past, whom she saw as a perfect brother. Kyosuke started distancing himself from her during elementary school. Kirino once tried to chase after Kyosuke (who ran away to play with his friends) but she tripped and cried in disappointment. This spurred her to start working hard on her academics and sports. She was also severely disappointed in Kyosuke's change in personality after the incident with Akimi.

Kirino has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Archon 2010 giveaways, together with Tagai Aisaka from ToraDora! (left) and with Haruhi Suzumiya from Haruhi Suzumiya (right) as a promotion to Archon 2010 convention.

Knives ChauEdit

Knives chau by bleedman-d67r4y3

Knives Chau

Knives Chau is a character from the comic, Scott Pilgrim VS the World. Knives Chau is a 17-year-old (18-year-old in Volume 6) Chinese-Canadian high school girl and self-described "Scottaholic" (though she later gets over him). Once the doting girlfriend of Scott, he broke up with her after he met Ramona (though he initially "forgot" to break up with her). Initially a quiet, typical school girl, after their break-up, she cut and dyed her hair and changed her clothing style, hoping to win Scott back by becoming more of a hipster. Her discovery that Scott was cheating on her with Ramona causes tension between the two girls, sometimes culminating in actual fights, though later the two reach a level of acceptance of one another. She starts dating Sex Bob-omb's groupie Young Neil, although she is still in love with Scott. She and Young Neil later break up, but Knives still hangs out with the group, and by Volume 5 had seemingly developed a mutual attraction to Stephen Stills, however this was proven to be false at the end of Volume 6 with the realization that Stephen had been dating Joseph. She used to idolize Envy Adams, based on her success as a musician and her former relationship with Scott, but is soon disenchanted when Envy has her drummer Lynette punch Knives hard enough to knock the highlights out of her hair (although even afterward Knives couldn't bring herself to hate Envy's music.) Knives' father becomes aware of Scott's past relationship with his daughter, causing him to hunt him down and try to kill him, though Scott later earns his acceptance.

Knives have been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Knives Chau, as a commission for an unspecified person.

Knuckles the EchidnaEdit

Sonic X

Sonic X

Knuckles the Echidna is one of the main character in the video game series, Sonic the Hedgehog. He is a red 16-year-old anthropomorphic echidna, who is both physically powerful and highly resilient. He has a white crescent symbol on his chest. Knuckles' name is derived from the four knuckles, two on each hand, which are actually sharp spikes. According to official Sonic Team polls, Knuckles is the fourth most popular character in the series, behind Tails, Shadow and Sonic. His first game appearance was in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, released on February 2, 1994 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. He was described as being 15 years old when he made his debut, but since Sonic Adventure, he is now given the age of 16. Knuckles has two spikes or claws on each hand, and his dominant trait is his strength and is used to dig. He can also glide by trapping air under his dreadlocks, can climb up walls with ease, and is very skilled at a wide variety of martial art forms.

Knuckles has been featured in Bleedman Character Art, Sonic X, together with Cream Rabbit, Miles Prower, Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose.

Kokiko KamisoraEdit

Kokiko kamisora by bleedman

Kokiko Kamisora

Kokiko Kamisora is an original character created by Yuritsuki and drawn by Bleedman. Kokiko is a girl with black hair and olivegreen eyes. She wears a light blue chullo, white overcoat and olive green overcoat, black shorts, beige tights and sneaker shoes. She wields a large sword with thin blade a circular pommel and a long grip. The pommel is decorated with a chinese symbol, although no meaning to it is given.

Kokiko has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Kokiko Kamisora as a commission for Yuritsuki.


  • Teen Titans
  • Sketching all night
  • Starfire
Koriande'r aka Starfire, is one of main characters of Teen Titans. Starfire is a founding member of the Teen Titans. She is a orange-skinned teenage alien girl. She is a Tamarean princess and a powerful warrior. She is able to fly and possess superstrenght as well as the ability to fire laserbeams from her hands and eyes. Starfire is a cheerful girl for whom many Earthly habits and customs are a mystery, leaving her oblivious for things like sacrasm. She highly values friendship and will do anything to protect her friends. As her powers are linked to her emotions, the more she feels, the more powerful she is. She mostly bases her powers on postive emotions, although is as comfortable using emotions as rage to fight her enemies.

Starfire has been featured in three pieces of Bleedman Character Art, first in Teen Titans, together with the rest of the Titans and a second time in Sketching all night, together with Richard Dick Grayson (Robin), Princess Tara Markov (Terra) and Rachel Roth (Raven) from Teen Titans, as well with Sally and Bunnie D'Coolette  from Sonic the Hedgehog and Mimi Her.. She is also featured as a young girl in Starfire, a picture exclusively featured on Jorama's DeviantArt Page.


  • Do The Monster Mash
  • Monster Mash Color
Kraken is an original character, drawn by Bleedman, based on the mythological The Kraken. The Kraken is a legendary sea monster of large proportions that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. The legend may have originated from sightings of giant squid that are estimated to grow to 12–15 m (40–50 ft) in length, including the tentacles. The sheer size and fearsome appearance attributed to the kraken have made it a common ocean-dwelling monster in various fictional works.

The Kraken has been featured in two pieces of Bleedman Character Art, Do the Monster Mash and its follow-up art, Monster Mash Color. He was featured together with The Vampire Bat, the Creature of the Deep, Adam Frankenstein, Kraken and Minimandy.

Kuki SanbanEdit

  • KND Sketch Studies
  • Kids Next Door Final
Kuki Sanban is a main character from the cartoon series, Kids Next Door. Kuki is a usually happy Japanese girl whose love for every creature almost always interferes with her responsibilities. She is often seen an 'airhead' and is the epitome of 'girly' and optimistic. She has a great love for, is a fan of, and has extensive knowledge about Rainbow Monkeys, and will often irrationally defend them, occasionally allowing her insanely aggressive side to show. For a while, she took up the mantle of the Grim Reaper, after Boogeyman had Grim's reaper's status revoked. Her cooperative name is Numbuh 3.

Kuki has been featured together with her teammates in two pieces of artwork, first in KND Sketch studies, and a second time in the follow-up art, Kids Next Door Final.

Kurayami TaintEdit

  • Taint n Corpse
  • Kurayami Taint commission
Kurayami Taint is an original character created by YinReneeMoonveilYang (formerly known as Glitched-Moonveil). Kurayami has the appearance of a young woman (true nature unsure), with a very pale skin color, being white as bone, giving the appearance of extreme anemia. She has short black hair and grey eyes. She is dressed in a black-and-white maid dress with a large ribbon on the back. Beneath her dress, she wears grey stockings with red stripes and knee boots. She also wears small red ascot. Her ascot and her boots have been decorated with a skull. It is also worth mentioning that her first name, Kurayami, is Japanse for Darkness, this in glaringly contrast with her skin color.

Kurayami has been featured in two pieces of Bleedman Character Art, first in Taint n Corpse, together with Corpse (another character created by YinReneeMoonveilYang) and a second time in Kurayami Taint commission, which is the left side of the original picture. Kurayami Taint commission has been featured exclusively on YinReneeMoonveilYang DeviantArt page.

Kyoko the EchnidaEdit

Kyoko by bleedman


Kyoko the Echnida is an original character, created by Mizukiblade and drawn by Bleedman. Kyoko is a fanfiction character for the video game series, Sonic the Hedgehog. Kyoko is an echnida, hence her name. She is a tomboy with a pragmatic attitude. She is a quiet girl, although can be cruel to those she doesn't like. She is a master swordwoman, trained in Suijin Ryu, or Water God Style. She follows the path of the samurai and fights to become stronger. She can come across as scary but deep down, she is a sweet little girl. She wields two weapons, based on the occassion. Bokuto is a wooden sword, used for non-lethal combat. For real combat, she use her Mizuki Blade that grants her fantastic hydrokinetic abilities, able to create water from thin air and summon whirlpools.

Kyoko has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Kyoko, as a commission for Mizukiblade.


Screw you and your magic by bleedman-d5ro59s

Screw you and your magic

Kyubey is a character in the anime series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Kyubey is a genderless (though he apparently identifies as a male) extraterrestrial being posing as a familiar who can grant any wish to a certain girl, on the condition that she become a magical girl and fight against witches. When the chosen girl makes a contract with him, he extracts her soul and places it inside a soul gem, reconstructing their body into a shell that is more resilient in order to fight witches. He constantly tries to get Madoka to make a contract with him, as she allegedly possesses great magical potential within her that would allow her to become the most powerful magical girl. He can only be seen or heard by magical girls and those with "magical" potential, and is able to communicate with them telepathically. Kyubey has an unknown but possibly infinite number of bodies; when one is killed, another body appears and devours the destroyed body. Kyubey comes from a race named the Incubators (インキュベーター Inkyubētā?), whose goal is to find and gather a form of energy to counter entropy and prevent the impending heat death of the universe, developing a technology to turn emotions into this energy. After evaluating many species throughout the universe, the Incubators find that the souls of humans, specifically pubescent and prepubescent girls, contain the most powerful form of this energy. This energy is the strongest when a magical girl's soul gem turns into a grief seed, and then can be collected and used towards preventing entropy. Kyubey claims his race lacks emotions (or, at least, that those in his race who have emotions are abnormal), and has little understanding of human values and morality, not understanding why the death of one human among billions is viewed so catastrophically, instead believing the Incubators' actions are not cruel but utilitarian in nature. Despite this, Kyubey is a very skilled manipulator, never actually lying, but instead leaving out important details involved in the forming of contracts and the details behind them, only presenting the truth when it is asked of him. According to Kyubey, the very existence of the Magi-Witch system is what allowed the evolution of mankind's civilization, as many of the main events in human history have had magical girls involved. Despite answering all questions posed to him, there is still much about the universe that Kyubey has not spoken of.

Kyubey has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Screw you and your magic, about to shot by Horuma Akima.

Lapis LazuliEdit

  • Steven Universe
  • Steven Universe Colored
  • Why so blue?
  • Watcha Drawing
  • I need you, I hate you
Lapis Lazuli is a character in the cartoon series, Steven Universe. At the time of her introduction, Lapis Lazuli is a Gem from Homeworld with extremely powerful telekinetic control over water, and can produce wings made of water from the blue lapis lazuli gemstone embedded on her back. She was kept trapped for thousands of years in a mirror which was later given to Steven during the middle of the first season, whom she managed to communicate with and befriend while in the mirror. Upon being freed by Steven, it is shown that she initially mistrusted the other Crystal Gems and attacks them upon being freed by Steven. Homesick, Lapis later attempts to use the Earth's oceans to form a giant tower to stretch her to the Gem homeworld, but Steven later heals her cracked gem, allowing her to reform her wings and fly back home through space. Though she and Steven appear to have made peace (she was the one who sent the warning to Steven in The Message), the remaining Crystal Gems then question the implications of her departure. As the first sentient Gem other than the Crystal Gems to appear in the series, Lapis' appearance sets the stage for deeper plot developments and is cited by the show's writers as "really the beginning of the show".

In the first season finale episodes The Return and Jail Break, she is forced against her will to lead the Homeworld Gems to the Crystal Gems, acting as Peridot's informant, and she fuses with Jasper and becomes Malachite in order to imprison her in the ocean at the cost of her own freedom. After being released from the fusion in the third season premiere Super Watermelon Island, her character arc in her intermittent appearances has involved recovering from the psychological trauma of having been imprisoned and having been part of an abusive fusion. She has also made peace with the other Crystal Gems as well as Peridot, who has defected to their side during her time in the ocean. Despite leaving Earth to escape a potential Diamond attack in Raising the Barn, it is speculated by fans that she will return in a future episode.

Lapis has been featured in three pieces of the Bleedman Character Art, first in Steven Universe and the follow-up art, Steven Universe Colored, together with Amethyst, Connie Maheswaran, Garnet, Jasper, Lion, Pearl, Peridot, Rose Quartz and Steven Universe. She is featured in the lower right corner of those pictures. She also appears in Why so blue?, Whatcha Drawin'?, and I need you, I hate you.

Lauren RaiderEdit

Lauren behind you by bleedman-d8hn320

Lauren! behind you!

Lauren Raider is an original character created by Eviyanna and drawn by Bleedman. Lauren is a young woman with long blond hair and is promptly featured in Eviyanna's poem: TTALR-Lauren:

Reminiscents of the past
Eerily haunt the girl from dawn
Till dusk slowly turning her nightmares into
Reality bringing the girl to her knees.
In the far reaches of her mind
Begins to form a resolution of
Utter determination which slowly bcomes her
Turning point from despair into heroism.
In another life or universe
Our heroine could have lived happily
Now however she must live with her torment forever.

Lauren has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Lauren! behind you! as commission for Eviyanna.


Latoya by bleedman


Latoya is an original character created by dw-divastar and drawn by Bleedman. Latoya is a young girl, with brown hair and pink eyes. Her hair is in dreads and she wears a pink sailor uniform.

Latoya has been featured in Bleedman Character Art, Latoya, as a commission for dw-divastar.


  • GamefanPPG Girls
  • Reupload : Leily Cns-Fixed pic
Leily is an original character, created GamefanPPG and drawn by Bleedman. Leily is an adult woman and likely the mother/creator of the Gamefan PPG's Flowerpuffs. She has long brown hair, decorated with a pink hairpin with heart motive. She has green eyes like Brina. She wears a pink button-shirt with short sleeves, black pants with pink sport shoes. In another picture, she wore a red dress, white thighs and red shoes. Not much is known about Leily.

Leily has been featured in two pieces of Bleedman Character Art, first in GamefanPPG Girls, together with Behania and Brina as a commission for GamefanPPG, and a second time in Reupload: Leily Cns Fixed Pic, a picture commissioned by Jorama and featured exclusively on Jorama's page.


Phantom monarch leviathan by dragonman32-d2zhupm

Phantom Monarch: Leviathan

Leviathan is an original character, created by Dragonman32 and drawn by Bleedman. Leviathan is an antropomorphic sea serpent and part of the Phantom Monarchs. Leviathan is a gargantuan sea serpent with scales that shimmer with the colors of the oceans. Once worshipped as the God of the Oceans, he was cast down by a group of powerful warriors lead by the former Northern Leader (2 generations before Gen Bun). Since then, he has been bidding his time hiding within the deepest parts of the oceans. It has been foretold that one day, he would rise again, and rule over the oceans and all the coastal regions of Dragobeastia... Leviathan is very prideful, to the point of arrogance. He shows remarkable intellect and strategic thinking, however is judgement can sometimes be clouded by his emotions. His weapon of choice are his own jaws and his masterful hydrokinesis.

Leviathan has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Phantom Monarch: LeviathanPhantom Monarch: Leviathan is only featured on the DeviantArt page of Dragonman32, with the artwork being credited to Bleedman.

Leviathans of Sugar BitsEdit

Braveheart robin by bleedman-d5d59m9

Braveheart Robin

The Leviathans of Sugar Bits is a group of original character, created by Bleedman and meant for a Sugar Bits spin-off, BraveHeart Quest: Robin Rescue. The first new Leviathan would have been a large crustecean, with six legs, large eyes and a mechanical opisthosoma. In rest, it has the appearance of a regular, wooden pirate ship and it would likely have been used in a group of pirates, who were set to appear in the same spin-off. The second new Leviathan would have been a monstrous Nautilus, with at least 7 tentacles. It isn't known what it would look like in rest. The third and final new Leviathan would have been a monstrous sperm whale, with six eyes and numerous teeth, who in rest, would take the form of a submarine.

The Leviathans has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Braveheart Robin, together with Robin, Nemo and two Pirates. The spin-off however was cancelled, possibly due to the sudden passing of the original writer of Sugar BitsDMajorBoss .


Whatcha drawin and colorin by bleedman-da84s4e

Whatcha Drawin and colorin

Lewis is a character from the animated projects around the indieband, Mystery Skulls. is  is the skeletal resident of the mansion and former member of the Mystery Skulls. In his living form, his character can be described as similar to Fred from the American television animated series Scooby-Doo. Lewis has flaming magenta hair with bangs that no longer cover his "eyes" which he also no longer has (even in his ghostly human projection) and instead has magenta fire rings as a substitute. He also has a jawless skull that levitates in place, 3 of his ribs sticking out on both sides of his chest, and hands resembling gloves from the electronic music duo Daft Punk and pitch black skin. Lewis wears a black suit, a white dress shirt with a magenta tie, black trousers and black dress shoes.Lewis was described as a nice person in life. However, after a possessed Arthur killed him, he is now a vengeful and enraged ghost.

Lewis has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Whatcha Drawin and colorin, together with Android 18, Calibretto, the Grim Reaper, Mandy, Muffet, Roll, Ruby Rose and Vivi. He is the first character of the first row and is together with Vivi.

Lexi BunnyEdit

Wtf doc by bleedman

WTF doc?

Lexi Bunny is one of the main character in the cartoon series, Loonatics Unleashed. She is the trendy female rabbit, Lola Bunny's descendant, and second-in-command with pink on her uniform. Lexi is the team's eavesdropper. She is the only female team member as well as considered to be Ace's second-in-command. Before gaining her powers, Lexi was a student at Acmetropolis University who tried to join the school's cheerleading squad. The captain, afraid she would be overshadowed in terms of skill, did not accept her. Nevertheless, Lexi is the most agile and acrobatic member of the team. Her relation to Ace, if any, is unclear. She could also be in love with Ace and does seem to care deeply about him. Lexi occasionally expresses concern about her looks, the first time being in the pilot episode "Loonatics on Ice" when Zadavia tells them about the freeze, Lexi mutters about how wearing a sweater would make her look chubby. A further example is in "The World Is My Circus" after being mutated by the DNA scrambler of RingMaster and Otto she says that they can't keep fighting and the Pepe Le Pew look is not her. This is an ironic statement as she along with all the other Loonatics would eventually encounter Pierre Le Pew (the evil human parody of Pepe Le Pew) who observed her placing a Pterosaur back into the Acmetropolis Zoo (it was implied that he released the animals to be able to recruit Slam to his illegal fights arena) and Pierre attempted to flirt with/hit on her by complimenting her looks. Lexi however was predictably repulsed by Pierre's stench and creepy mannerisms. Lexi also has sea sickness.

Lexi has been featured in Bleedman Character Art, WTF doc?, together with Ace Bunny, Danger Duck and Slam Tasmanian. She appears in the background.</p>




Licca-chan (リカちゃん Rika-chan), full name Licca Kayama (香山リカ Kayama Rika) is a very popular dress-up doll series introduced in Japan on 1967-07-04 by Takara, enjoying the same kind of popularity in Japan as the Barbie series does in the United States. The Licca-chan dolls tend toward a more body as far as height and features. Takara had sold over 48 million Licca-chan dolls as of 2002, and over 53 million as of 2007. Licca-chan was created by former manga artist, Miyako Maki, who is also the wife of Leiji Matsumoto.

Licca-chan has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Ricca, after Bleedman bought two Licca-chan figurines and was inspired to make a drawing based on the figurines.

Lieutenant Anya StroudEdit

Black friday 2016 by bleedman-daplpnw

Black Friday 2016

Lieutenant Anya Stroud is a character from the video game series, Gears of Wars. She was a mission controller, turned infantry soldier that originally dispatches Delta Squad as well as Marcus Fenix's love interest. Anya is the daughter of Major Helena Stroud. Helena's death, along with Carlos Santiago, brings Anya and Marcus together. She is usually detailing location information through radio for Marcus, Dom, or Kim — particularly where to go next, if the Hammer of Dawn is online or whether hostiles are en route, and during the middle portion of Gears of War, directs mine carts used by Delta squad for transportation. She is only visible once throughout the first game, on board a King Raven helicopter, but appears more frequently in Gears of War 2. When she appears to have drowned in the sinking of Jacinto, Marcus is devastated, yet is quickly reassured when she appears on a separate raven alongside Cole, Prescott and Hoffman, where she waves to Marcus and murmurs "see you in Port Farrall." She is helpful to the Delta Squad in Gears of War 1 and 2, guiding them through their missions from CIC and firing the Hammer of Dawn for them when they need it. In Gears of War 3 she becomes a playable character in campaign and multiplayer as a result of her being promoted to the front-line. She comforts Marcus after the death of both Dom Santiago and Adam Fenix, taking his hand at the end of Gears of War 3 (to which Marcus does not object) and telling him they "finally have a tomorrow." In Gears of War 4, it is revealed that Anya was married to Marcus. She does not appear physically in Gears of War 4, having died to causes not stated in the game.

Anya Stroud has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Black Friday 2016, together Bill Cipher, Corporal Damon S. Braid, Delmont Walker, Journey's Robed Protagonist, Ryuk and Marvel's Thor. She is featured far down the picture together with Damon and Delmont.

Lila SawyerEdit

  • Hey Lila
  • Gothic Lila
Lila Sawyer is a recurring character in the cartoon series, Hey Arnold!Lila is a nice girl who came from a farming community she calls "Pleasentville" and lives with her father. Nothing is ever mentioned about her mother. She is Arnold's crush. However, she only prefers Arnold as a friend. She had a crush on Arnold's cousin Arnie. She knows that Helga loves Arnold and offered to help Helga become more like her in one episode. She was Olga Pataki's lil sis in the "Big Sis" episode and they seemed to get along with each other really well.

Lila has been featured into two pieces of Bleedman Character Art, first in Hey Lila, together with Arnold Shortman, dancing in Paris. The second time was in Gothic Lila, featuring Lila in a black victorian-style dress.


  • Silly Hat
  • Lilith
Lilith is an original character, based on Endling's ex-girlfriend and mistress. She is a slender woman with very long white hair and grey eyes. She wears her hair in either a long ponytail, or in two pigtails. She is clothed in a victorian style dresses in black and white, one short, one long and she wears a tie (in one picture, a red tie, in the other a black one). She is mostly seen with steampunk animatronic accessories.

Lilith has been featured in two pieces in Bleedman Character Art, first in Silly Hat, where she wears a hat made out the upper part of the skull of an animatronic monster, while she surrounded by monsters. It was a gift for Medaglione (formerly known as Maylith10), commissioned by Griddles.  In the second picture, she was working on her laptop, while enjoying tea or coffee. The laptop is holded up by an animatronic rabbit. The line-art was done by isangkutsarangmoe who also placed the commission to have Bleedman color the picture.


Lilithmon sketch by bleedman by darkjanet-d7y3gwv


Lilithmon is a digimon, from the Digimon franchise. It was also featured as a character in the anime series, Digimon: Xros Wars. One of the "Seven Great Demon Lords", it is a Demon Lord Digimon which has the appearance of a woman. It is thought that it was originally the same kind of Digimon as Ofanimon, but it fell from heaven and eventually became known as the "Goddess of Darkness". It confounds its opponents with its bewitchingly lovely appearance, and it is said that those who are taken in by its temptations are invariably granted death. Its reputation as the "Goddess of Darkness" is appropriate, as it offers generosity towards vice, but only cruel outrages towards virtue. The demonic "Nazar Nail" on its right arm corrodes everything it touches. Its Special Move is rotting the opponent's body with a sigh of darkness (Phantom Pain). It is said that if one is struck by this curse, their data dissipates from the tips of their body and they suffer pain even in death. Despite having the appearance of a woman, since Lilithmon is a computer program, Lilithmon is refered to as it.

Lilithmon has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Lilithmon Sketch as a commission for DarkJanet. It is featured exclusively on her DeviantArt Page.

Lili ZanottoEdit

Psychonauts by bleedman


Lili Zanotto is a camper at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. She is the daughter of the Grand Psychonauts Chairman, Truman Zanotto. She is a gifted psychic, having passed every test and earned every merit badge by the time Raz appears. In later parts of the game, she develops feelings for Raz and starts calling him her boyfriend, which later becomes mutual. It is slightly hinted that she might have gone on dates or hung out with Chops and Quentin. She likes plants, and does not get along well with certain campers, finding them loud and obnoxious. In the opening scene it is hinted at that shes been made fun of for her powers when Raz, after appeared during Coach Oleander's speech, talked about being looked down on for your powers, she is seen looking a bit nervous.

Lili has been featured by Bleedman Character, Psychonauts together with Razputin Aquato. Lili is drawn in black-white, why Raz is drawn in color.


  • Steven Universe
  • Steven Universe Colored
Lion is a character in the cartoon series, Steven Universe. He is a mysterious pink lion who protects Steven that is introduced in Steven's Lion  and resides with him at the temple. He has pink fur and a star-shaped mane, and possesses a variety of magical abilities, which include walking on water, creating portals with his roars, and getting Rose Quartz's sword, which is stored in a pocket dimension in his mane, pulled from his forehead. Steven regards Lion as a pet.

Lion provides Steven with connections to Rose Quartz's legacy; in Lion 2: The Movie, he knows the location of Rose's secret armory, which he brings Steven and Connie to, while in Lion 3: Straight to Video, the pocket dimension in his mane, where a number of Rose's keepsakes are stored in, was revealed. These keepsakes include her sword, a bubbled gemstone that is later revealed to be Crystal Gem Bismuth, and a videotaped message to Steven. Even though he's a lion, he acts very much like a typical house cat at times, and is devoted to Steven. As seen in the fifth season premiere episodes, it is implied that Lion was originally an ordinary lion, and, like Lars, developed his magical nature as an effect of being treated by Rose Quartz's healing tears. In the same episodes, his pocket dimension becomes accessible through the one accessed through Lars's hair.

Lion has been featured in two pieces of the Bleedman Character Art, in Steven Universe and the follow-up art, Steven Universe Colored, together with Amethyst, Connie Maheswaran, Garnet, Jasper, Lapis Lazula, Pearl, Peridot, Rose Quartz and Steven Universe. He is featured in the lower left corner of the picture.


Smashing by bleedman


Link (Japanese: リンク Hepburn: Rinku?) refers to several different incarnations of the same protagonist of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series. Link has been also featured in other media from Nintendo, including its merchandising, comic books, and a cartoon series, becoming one of Nintendo icons as well as one of the most well-known and popular characters in video game history. Through The Legend of Zelda series, Link is depicted as a child, teenager, or adult of the Hylian race, originating from the fictional land of Hyrule. Link often travels through Hyrule, defeating creatures, evil forces, and the series' primary antagonist, Ganon, while attempting to save Princess Zelda and Hyrule. To defeat him, Link usually requires the mystic Master Sword and Light Arrows, or a similar legendary weapon, obtained after many trials and battles. In the course of his journey he will typically acquire various other magical objects or items, including musical instruments and weaponry.

Link has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Smashing in the first panel of the picture as regular Link, together with together with Donkey Kong, Fox McLoud, Kirby, Lucas, Mario, Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, Samus Aran (with or without suit), Solid Snake, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wario and Yogi. Link is featured in the left lower corner, just below Zelda. Toon Link has been featured in the third panel, together with Captain Falcon, Falko Lombardi, Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, Lucario, Luigi, Marth, Mr. Game & Watch Ness, R.O.B. and Wolf O'Donnell. Toon Link is featured between Marth and Ganondorf.


Lis katie hazel by bleedman-d8urxdc


Lis is a main character in the graphic novel, Seconds, written by Bryan Lee O'Malley. Lis is the house spirit that haunts the restaurant, Seconds. She is the owner of the mushrooms that can rewrite the past and also the one who introduced Katie to these mushrooms; even though she only gave Katie one. Lis wears the outfits that Hazel leaves at Seconds to keep her happy. Despite all her warnings, Katie start using too much of these mushrooms and cause damage to the time-space continium.

Lis has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Lis,Katie,Hazel, together with the owner of Katie on her right and Katie's friend Hazel on her far right.

Little SisterEdit

  • Who's your daddy?
  • Imouto
Little Sister is one of the trademark enemies from the video game franchise: BioShock. Little Sisters (originally known as Gatherers) are young girls who have been genetically altered and mentally conditioned to reclaim ADAM from the corpses around Rapture. Little Sisters are always accompanied by a Big Daddy. The Little Sisters are almost completely immune to damage but have no offensive abilities. Approaching or attacking them, however, will incur the wrath of their Big Daddy protectors. When the player defeats these protectors, the player can choose either to harvest or rescue the Little Sisters, which affects how much ADAM the player gains and has consequences revealed in the game's ending. Little Sisters are usually hiding in the air vents hidden around Rapture, they will only come out when called by a Big Daddy.

Little Sister has been featured in two pieces of Bleedman Character Art, first in Who's your daddy. In the left side, she is hold up by a Big Daddy and on the right side, she is standing before a Big Daddy. The second picture, Imouto, is a colored version of the left side of the picture, with the option from the game, adopt or harvest.

Lola MbolắEdit

Toon time by bleedman

Toon Time

Lola Mbolắ is a main character in the cartoon series, Robotboy. Lola Mbolắ is an African American girl who is the daughter of an affluent African ambassador. Her mother is never seen or mentioned. Lola is depicted as the smartest of the team and has even been shown to pilot vehicles such as a jet plane and a speedboat. It is possible that she learned this from her father, as she is also rich. She is also the most aggressive when Gus' stupid ideas backfire and isn't above physical violence.

Lola has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Toon Time, as a sketch together with Robotboy, and her friends Gus Turner and Tom Turnbull, as well as with Ben, Gwen and Max Tennyson from the cartoon series, Ben 10.

Lotus BlossomEdit

Mlb series 4 by bleedman-d9fxb6e

MLB series 4

Lotus Blossom is a minor character from the cartoon series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is a part of the spa ponies duo, together with Aleo. She is a female Earth pony who work at the Ponyville Day Spa. Unlike Aloe, her name was given in the show, rather than in merchandise or other media. She and Aloe have the same color pattern, although their fur and hair color are switched.Lotus Bloom has pink hair with blue fur, while Aleo has blue hair with pink fur.

Lotus has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, MLB series 4 in her human form, together with humanized versions of Aloe, Coco Pommel, Maud Pie, Nightmare Moon, Octavia Melody and Queen Chrysalis. She is featured in the right corner, just underneath Queen Chrysalis and next to Aloe.

Lou RouxEdit

  • HanaLu
  • Hanalu 2
  • Good Luck Airman!
Lou Roux/Lou Lowe (ルウ・ルー Rū Rū) is a young orphan girl taken in by Goh and Anna and the pilot of Cosmo Diver. Once an operator for the orbital space station that monitors the Earth for the presence of Type 17 Mimetic beasts, she is the lone survivor when the space station is destroyed and her father killed by Mimetic beasts that somehow managed to stow away on one of their shuttles. She becomes obsessed with becoming a robot pilot to avenge her father's death. At the end of the series, she continues to pilot Celleblader to fight the Mimetic Beasts, becoming a Menage Zero herself after Ken. She returns for a short while to witness Goh and Anna's wedding.

Lou has been featured in three pieces of Bleedman Character Art, first in HanaLu and the follow-up art Hanalu 2, both commissioned by Abie05 and PrinceofDestruction and both featuring Hana Asakura holding Lou Roux Hanalu 2 has been marked as "Mature Content" by DeviantArt, viewers discrection might be advised and later in Good Luck Airman!, together with Abie05. It was commissioned by Abie05, as a gift for her boyfriend.


Lovebirds by bleedman


Lovebirds are a couple, created by Bleedman based on Patt-Ytto and his girlfriend. The man has black curly hair and brown eyes. He is dressed in a grey shirt and leather jacket. He rests his hands on the shoulders of his girlfriend. Just like her boyfriend, she has brown eyes. Her hair is black and long. She is dressed in lab coat, a black shirt and a black bowler hat. She holds a The Italian coffee coffee cup. The couple is looking at a pair of blue real love birds, outside The Italian coffee shop.

Lovebirds has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Lovebirds, as commissioned by Griddles as a present for Patt-Ytto.


Smashing by bleedman


Lucario (ルカリオ Lukario?) is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Lucario first appeared as a central character in the film Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and later appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and subsequent sequels, also appearing in various merchandise, spinoff titles and animated and printed adaptations of the franchise. Known as the Aura Pokémon, Lucario can track energy called Aura (波導 Hadō?), which is given off by all living creatures and has the ability to sense it from half a mile away. Lucario is also featured as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Since it appeared in the Pokémon series, Lucario has received generally positive reception. It has been featured in several forms of merchandise, including figurines, plush toys, and the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Lucario has been featured in Bleedman Character Art, Smashing, in the third panel of the picture, together with Captain Falcon, Falco Lombardi, Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, Luigi, Marth, Mr. Game & Watch, Ness, R.O.B., Toon Link and Wolf O'Donnell. It is featured next to Jigglypuff, between Ganondorf and Marth.


Smashing by bleedman


Lucas (リュカ Ryuka) is the central character of Mother 3, out of seven main characters total. (Lucas, Kumatora, Duster, Boney, Claus, Flint, and Salsa). He is from Tazmily Village. He is the gentle twin of Claus. He usually uses sticks and baseball bats as his primary weapons, along with his powerful and strong signature PK Love power, which is the ability to pull the Seven Needles in order to wake the Dark Dragon that is sleeping underneath the Nowhere Islands.

Lucas has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Smashing in the first panel of the picture, together with Donkey King, Fox Mcloud, Kirby, Link, Mario, Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, Samus Aran, Solid Snake, Sonic the Hedgehog and Yogi . Lucas is featured above Princess Zelda, on the left side of the picture.


Luckster and Rayman by bleedman

Luckster and Rayman

Luckster is an original character created by Elemente, and drawn by Bleedman. Luckster is a tall slender girl with long purple hair, wearing blue shirt with white sleeves, and blue pants.

Luckster has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Luckster and Rayman, togehter with the much shorter Rayman as a commission by Elemente.

Ludwig van BeethovenEdit

  • Ludwig Beethoven
  • Gully and Beethoven
  • Beethoven fanart request
Ludwig van Beethoven is a character in the 18+ R-rated turn-based strategy game, Eiyuu* Senki and is based on the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Unlike her historical counterpart, Ludwig in the game is female. She has short spiked black hair and blue eyes. She wears a black dress, with purple stockings underneath. She also wears short black boots. Her dress is covered with blue jacket. The fringe of her dress as well as her fringes of her jacket's sleeves are designed to resemble piano keys. She wears a hearphones on her head and often hold a musical notes in her hands. In the game, she is unlocked by conquering Vienna.

Ludwig has been featured in three pieces of Bleedman Character Art, first in Ludwig Van Beethoven. The second appearance was, together with Gully, Gully and Beethoven. The latter was commissioned by ZeoArt (Gully) and CubeWatermelon (Beethoven). Her third appearance was in Beethoven fanart,' in which three different versions of the character are drawn, as commissions to Silent-Sid, Senji-comics and a third unnamed customer. 


Smashing by bleedman


Luigi is a fictional character featured in video games and related media released by Nintendo. Created by prominent game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Luigi is portrayed as the slightly younger but taller fraternal twin brother of Nintendo's mascot Mario, and appears in many games throughout the Mario franchise, often as a sidekick to his brother.

Luigi has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Smashing in the third panel of the picture, together with Captain Falcon, Falko Lombardi, Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, Lucario, Marth, Mr. Game & Watch, Ness, R.O.B. and Wolf O'Donnell. Luigi is featured between Captain Falcon and Ness.

Luka UrushibaEdit

Whatcha drawin by bleedman-d9vvwb2
Luka Urushibara is one of the main character in the visual novel, Steins;Gate. He is a friend of Okabe and Lab Member No. 006. His appearance is that of a female and he acts in a feminine way due to his upbringing, wearing girl's clothing within and outside his father's temple. He is also a close friend and classmate of Shiina and is often asked try on her cosplay costumes, but as he is quite shy, he generally refuses. He harbors homosexual feelings towards Okabe, who calls him by a nickname Lukako, and thinks of Luka as his pupil. He is 16 years old. While he does become a female for part of the story and in most of the time lines throughout the story, canonically he is male by the end, and in only one of multiple time lines Luka was female

Luka Urushiba has been featured in Bleedman Character Art, Whatcha Drawin, together Homura Akemi, Undine, Harpy Gee and Red Riding Hood on his right. It is only the man in the set.

Lumpy Space PrincessEdit

Subscribe now by bleedman-dacoiwt

Subscribe Now

Lumpy Space Princess is a character from the cartoon series, Adventure Time. Lumpy Space Princess (often referred to by her initials, LSP) is the princess of Lumpy Space. She is one of the three most recurring princesses, the other two being Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum. Finn and Jake have both traveled to Lumpy Space as well as to her parents' residence after she accidentally bit Jake in Trouble in Lumpy Space. According to the events in Princess Day she is not recognized by the chair of princesses, partially because of her dramatic attitude and the fact that she is no longer the heir to Lumpy Space. Starting from the episode To Cut a Woman's Hair, Lumpy Space Princess was living on her own in the woods of Ooo. According to her story in The Monster, she lived among wolves, was banished, and began terrorizing a small village in order to eat their crops. She had returned to Lumpy Space, but as of Princess Monster Wife, she decided to go back to living on her own in the woods as a hobo, presumably going back home every now and again to visit her parents.

LSP has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Subscribe Now, together with Marceline and Princess Bubblegum.


Seven syns by bleedman

Seven Syns

Lust is an original character, created by thebloodreaver and drawn by Bleedman. She is part of the 7even Syns, a group based on the seven deadly sins. Lust is the embodiement of the sin Luxuria(or Lust), an emotion or feeling of intense desire in the body. The lust can take any form such as the lust for knowledge, the lust for sex or the lust for power. It can take such mundane forms as the lust for food as distinct from the need for food. Lust is a psychological force producing intense wanting for an object, or circumstance fulfilling the emotion. Lust is blue skinned female, with glowing light blue eyes, with raven long hair and her body is covered with tribal symbols. She is clothed in a short white ripped dress, with a deep cleavage. She has a long black nails that doubles the lenght of her fingers. Lust is the only female member of the group.

Lust has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Seven Syns, together with Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Pride, Sloth and Wrath.


Lyra by bleedman-daqlfot


Lyra is an original character, created by HimariTachibana. Lyra is a foxperson, featuring fox ears sticking through the hair and have fox-like pupils, in brown-yellow eyes. Lyra's gender is impossible to make out and hasn't been confirmed by the creator. Lyra has a long hair and what appears to be 6 tails coming through the back of its outfit. Based on this, it is likely that Lyra is based on the Japanse mythological creature, Kitsune. This theory is also alluded to by the attire worn by the character. Lyra is dressed in a long mantle, with long, wide sleeves, with holes for the hilts of the blades. Underneath the mantle, Lyra wears a chestplate (Dou), and shoulder pads (Sodé), beneath a shoulder cloth, with underneath that a blue shirt (Shitagi).The upper legs are covered with a lion cloth (Fundoshi) and a pants (Kobakama), while the lower legs are protected by socks (Tabi). The feet are protected by sandals, (Waraji). Around the waist, Lyra has a belt on which weapons or items can be attached (Uwa-Obi). The clothing is in blue, dark blue, gold and pink. Lyra is armed with two uniquely designed swords, the right blade is forked, while the left has a serpentine like blade. 

Lyra has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Lyra, as a commission to HimariTachibana.

Mabel PinesEdit

Gravity falls by jorama-d58ezrk

Gravity falls

Mabel Pines is one of the main characters in the cartoon series, Gravity Falls. Mabel Pines is a young girl and the twin sister of Dipper Pines, and is 5 minutes older than Dipper. She was born on August 31th, 1999 in Piedmont, California. She is a bouncy, energetic, optimistic, active, and free-spirited 12-year-old girl spending the summer with her Grunkle (Great Uncle) Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon, where she and her brother frequently encounter the supernatural. She takes a much less serious approach to life than her twin as she navigates her odd new surroundings. She has a pig named Waddles, as a pet and get distressed by the idea that something would happen to Waddles.

Mabel has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Gravity falls as a commission for Jorama. The picture has been featured exclusively on Jorama's DeviantArt Page.

Madame FosterEdit

Little Foster and Funny Bunny by bleedman

Little Foster and Funny Bunny

Madame Foster is a character in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Madame Foster is the founder of Foster's and the maternal grandmother of Frankie. She is elderly but has childlike boundless energy and enjoys life to its fullest. Her imaginary friend is Mr. Herriman, whom she imagined when she was a child and never gave up. Like Bloo, Madame Foster occasionally becomes hyperactive and mischievous. However, there are times she's shown to be the wisdom of the house.

Madame Foster has been featured as a child, in the Bleedman Character Art, Little Foster and Funny Bunny, together with her imaginary friend, Mr. Herriman, who sings the Funny Bunny song, is a reference to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends's episode: World Wide Wabbit.

The Magician Type 0Edit

Magician type zero by bleedman

Magician Type Zero

The Magician Type 0 is a character in the 1996 game, The House of the Dead and one of the sentient Mutant. Dr. Curien's ultimate creation, a humanoid demon with mastery over fire and powers of levity and anti-gravity propulsion. Realizing that it need not take instruction from inferior beings and that it is more powerful than its creator, it disobeys Curien and destroys him with a fireball. It is defeated at the hands of Agents Rogan and 'G'; with its final breath it utters one final, ominous threat to the agents: a grim harbinger of future events. "You...haven't seen...anything yet!" before exploding violently in a cataclysmic fireball before the winter sunset. It would be reanimated once more just over a year later by Caleb Goldman as the penultimate boss during the events of The House of the Dead 2 to oversee the culmination of Curien's unfinished research and safeguard Goldman's magnum opus while it goes to completion.

The Magician Type 0 has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Magician Type Zero, as a commission for Steven K.

Mako MankanshokuEdit

Kill la kill by bleedman-d7sloyl

Kill La Kill

Mako Mankanshoku (満艦飾 マコ Mankanshoku Mako) is a character in the manga/anime series, Kill la Kill. Mako is an energetic second-year student and Ryuko's classmate. She immediately befriends Ryuko upon the latter's arrival at the school. Mako lives with her parents and younger brother in the slums of Honnō City. She is described as an "uber air-head" whose "unbelievable actions never cease to shock and awe the people around her." Despite putting herself in dangerous situations, she has a good heart and cares for Ryuko, providing her with constant encouragement. Senketsu notes that Mako is vital for getting Ryuko to relax. In the episode where she runs the Fight Club, she receives a two-star Goku Uniform styled like that of a delinquent.

Mako has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Kill La Kill, together with Aikurō Mikisugi, Hōka Inumuta, Ira Gamagōri, Junketsu, Nonon Jakuzure, Ryūko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryūin, Senketsu (Ryūko's living suit), Tsumugu Kinagase and Uzu Sanageyama. Mako is featured next to Satsuki Kiryūin and is the girl with the bowl cut.


Marble tennis by jorama-d88q6oe


Marble is an original character created by Coffg and drawn by Bleedman. Marble is airl teenage girl with long red hair. She has heterochromia, which expresses itself with her left eye being blue, while her right eye being green. She also wears glasses. She is a shy and quiet girl, who enjoys all sort of sports, like swimming and tennis.

Marble has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Marble Tennis, as a commission to Jorama, who requested it as a gift for Coffgirl.

Marceline AbadeerEdit

  • Queen of the Damned
  • Fanart time
  • Mavis and Marceline
  • It's that time again!
  • Marcegum
  • Subscribe Now
Marceline Abadeer also known as Marceline the Vampire Queen, is one of the main characters in Adventure Time and a half-demon/half-Vampire who is over a thousand years old. During her first encounter with Finn and Jake, she requests that they leave their tree fort as the area belongs to her. Despite initially being their enemy, Marceline quickly becomes one of Finn and Jake's closest friends. Her father, Hunson Abadeer is the demon who rules the Nightosphere. The relationship with her father is complicated as Hunson doesn't have the easiest of character. She also once was friends with Simon Petrikov but things went wrong.

Marceline has been featured in several pieces of Bleedman Character Art, first in Queen of the Damned, drawn in line-art, and later in Fanart time, together with Cake the cat, Fionna, Flame Princess and Marshall Lee. In Fanart time, she is featured as a young girl, holding her teddy bear, Hambo.  She is featured again in Mavis and Marceline, together with Mavis Dracula from the film, Hotel Transilvania. Her latest appearance is in It's that time again!, as a young girl, fighting the Vampire KingThey are featured together with BMO and Shoko. Her final appearance was in Subscribe Now, together with Lumpy Space Princess and Princess Bubblegum.

Marco the SharkEdit

  • Character Chart Again?
  • Marco The Shark
Marco the Shark is an original character, created by Dragonman32 and drawn by Bleedman. Marco is an antropomorphic shark. Marco is selfish, greedy, violent, and all around vile pirate. The worst part of this: those were the good qualities. He's the type of pirate that fires cannons first, detonates explosives later, butcher people afterwards and never thinks about his actions. To him, all the oceans are his, and any ship that sails is either one of three things: rival, riches, or chum. Pray that you're either rival or riches, because any ship he sees as "chum", has never been seen again. His weapon of choice, the Shark Teeth, is made of the skin and teeth, he lost in battles and appears to be semi-sentient.

Marco the Shark has been featured in two pieces of Bleedman Character Art, first in Character Chart again? and the second time in Marco The SharkMarco The Shark is only featured on the DeviantArt page of Dragonman32, with the artwork being credited to Bleedman.

Margaret the Sea SnakeEdit

  • Character Chart Again?
  • Margaret The Sea Snake
Margaret the Sea Snake is an original character, created by Dragonman32 and drawn by Bleedman. Margaret is an antropomorphic Sea Snake. People always say 'diamonds are a girl's best friend'. But they neglect rubies, sapphires, silver, gold, and pretty much anything that can make Margaret the Seasnake rich. Once the appraiser of Marco's pirate crew, this snake quickly jumped ship when she heard another captain had more treasure, but no idea how much it was all worth. When Margaret's finished, it'll be worth less then it should be. Margaret has a bad habit of stealing extremely valuable treasures, especially under the owner's nose. One day, a captain will be charting out a map with his favorite pen made of pure gold, the next day, Margaret will be using said pen to forge a check. Of all the treasures she collects and sells, there are only two things she never parts with: her twin katanas Mura and Masa. When asked why she never parts with the two swords, each blade made from pure ebony and ivory (respectibly), she simply mumbles 'family heirlooms'. There are rumors that she named the swords after her mother and father, both of which are said to have been killed by pirates.

Margaret has been featured in two pieces of Bleedman Character Art, first in Character Chart again? and the second time in Margaret The Sea SnakeMargaret The Sea Snake is only featured on the DeviantArt page of Dragonman32, with the artwork being credited to Bleedman.


Marie is a character from the video game, Splatoon. Marie is a very fashionable Inkling, and has a more sultry design in comparison to her cousin. Her tentacles, which are milk-white, are tied in a large bow on the right side of her head, with the ends wrapped around to the other side and curling up slightly at the ends with a green-gray gradient. She has large, downturned eyes with gold irises and light brown pupils in the shape of a plus. Her eye markings end in small, slightly curved points, and her eyebrows are large and oval shaped. Her ears are slightly narrower and longer than those of the average. The coloration on the ends of Marie's tentacles. Inkling, and on them she wears a pair of chunky, milk-white earrings. Her outfit, which has no sleeves and ends in a skirt, is black with a reflective texture. On the front are three green marks, which, somewhat morbidly, are made to look like the cuts made in squid when it is cooked, and the inside skirt facing is also green. With this outfit, she wears green tights, black shorts, white gloves, and a small, white, shirt collar necklace. On her feet, Marie wears a pair of black wedge shoes with a texture similar to leather, which have a shiny green material on the bottom and two green buttons on either side of the ankle. She wears a green and white hat resembling a calamari ring, and has a beautymark on her right cheek. During a Splatfest, any part of Marie's appearance that is normally green will change to match the color of her Splatfest Team, including the ends of her tentacles.

Marie has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Whatcha Drawin and colorin #2, together with Callie, Connie Maheswaran, Cthulhu, Flowey Frisk, Michelangelo, Panty, Steven Universe, Stockings, The Steward, Tulip and Tomoko Kuroki. She is drawn together with Callie.


Smashing by bleedman


Mario is a fictional character in the Mario video game franchise, created by Nintendo's Japanese video game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto. Serving as the company's mascot and the eponymous protagonist of the series, Mario has appeared in over 200 video games since his creation. Depicted as a short, pudgy, Italian plumber who resides in the Mushroom Kingdom, his adventures generally center upon rescuing Princess Peach from the Koopa villain Bowser. His younger brother is Luigi.

Mario has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Smashing in the first panel of the picture, together with Donkey King, Fox Mcloud, Kirby, Link, Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, Samus Aran, Solid Snake, Sonic the Hedgehog and Yogi. Mario is featured just below Donkey Kong.

Marshall LeeEdit

Fanart time by bleedman-d5mwwud

Fanart time

Marshall Lee (full name: Marshall Lee the Vampire King), is a internally fictional character in the cartoon series, Adventure Time. He is the gender-swapped version of Marceline, created by the original series designer, Natasha Allegri, who is featured in Fionna and Cake. In the episode, he is seen attending Prince Gumball's Biennial Gumball Ball. Just like Fionna and others, Marshall Lee is from Ice King's imagination, although Marceline was telling his story in Bad Little Boy. His skin appears to burn in sunlight in the episode, like most vampires' and Marceline's. He plays a major role in Bad Little Boy, attempting various ways to trick Fionna into admitting her love for him.

Marshall has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Fanart, together with Cake the cat, Fionna, Flame Princess, Marceline Abadeer.


Smashing by bleedman


Marth (マルス Marusu?) is a character from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems's Fire Emblem series of video games. He is the protagonist and Lord class character in the first and the third games in the series, Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi and Fire Emblem: Monshō no Nazo, as well as their two remakes, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Fire Emblem: Shin Monshō no Nazo: Hikari to Kage no Eiyū. Marth, a boy in Altea, gathered an army to recapture and restore his home and the rest of the Akaneia continent, and is the warrior who twice slew the dark dragon Medeus. Being in the first Fire Emblem game, Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Ken he is the first Lord (main character) of the Fire Emblem series. Typical of most Fire Emblem "Lords" in successive games, he is a swordsman with a slim build and wears a cape; he shows nobility and justness in both of the Fire Emblem games that he appears in, though he also shows himself to be somewhat single-minded in pursuit of Medeus and Gharnef in Shadow Dragon (the remake of Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Ken), implying that he has a darker and more ruthless side to his character: he also has difficulty in expressing his feelings for Caeda in that game's epilogue (if she survived). His nobility of character has carried over to the anime, in which he is fighting against villains. His father, Cornelius, was the King of Altea, his elder sister, Elice, is the Princess of Altea, and his future queen, Caeda. Marth wields the Divine Blade of Legends, Falchion, as his main weapon in both the Fire Emblem games and Super Smash Bros. series.

Marth has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Smashing in the third panel of the picture, together with Captain Falcon, Falko Lombardi, Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, Lucario, Luigi, Mr. Game & Watch Ness, R.O.B. and Wolf O'Donnell. Marth is featured in the left lower corner.

Maud PieEdit

Mlb series 4 by bleedman-d9fxb6e

MLB series 4

Maud Pie is a minor character from the cartoon series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Maud Pie is a female Earth pony and Pinkie Pie's older sister. She is first seen as a filly in a portrait in Pinkie Pride, she appears in person as a grown mare in the season four episode of the same name, and her human counterpart makes cameo appearances in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks; both counterparts also appear in IDW comics. She is called Maud Rock Pie in some merchandise.

Maud has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, MLB series 4 in her human form, together with humanized versions of Aloe, Coco Pommel, Lotus Blossom, Nightmare Moon, Octavia Melody and Queen Chrysalis. She is featured in the lower right corner, just underneath Queen Chrysalis and next to Octavia.

Mavis DraculaEdit

Mavis and marceline by bleedman-d8mmq5c

Mavis and Marceline

Mavis Dracula is a character in the animation film series, Hotel Transylvania. Mavis is the daughter of Count Dracula and was 118 years old, in her first appearance. She is headstrong, intelligent, curious, dramatic, independent, and beautiful. She has a little bit of an attitude, but she is very sincere and gentle. Mavis wants a little bit of independence and trust from her father and often gets bored. She dreams of exploring the world and experiencing all the sights and sounds that the world has to offer, but all that becomes an reality when she meets Jonathan and unknowingly, falls in love with a human. She is also, always willing to help someone out, even if her own life is in danger. Proof of that is when she was at the "human" village. After all the threats the pitchfork-armed, torch-wielding "humans" made of burning her clothes, taking her candy, biting her toes and even shoving garlic bread in her face, she still offered her help when the "humans" were on fire. She said "Holy rabies! You're on fire. Can I do anything? Can I help you?" In the second film, after becoming a mother Mavis begins to adopt some of her father's overprotectiveness and attachment to her child, going so far as to baby-proof everything in the hotel, rarely leaving his side and wanting to move to California in order for her son to grow up in a safe environment and around other children like him. Unlike her father she doesn't seem to care that Dennis isn't a full vampire and accepts him for who he is.

Mavis has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Mavis and Marceline, together with Marceline Abadeer.

Max TennysonEdit

Toon time by bleedman

Toon Time

Maxwell "Max" Tennyson is a main character in the cartoon series, Ben 10. Max is the 60-year-old paternal grandfather of Ben and Gwen. Despite his age, Max has shown on multiple occasions to be highly athletic and a formidable fighter. He takes his grandson gaining superpowers and super-abilities in stride and supports Ben in any way he can. Max was once in the United States Army, an astronaut program, and was a Plumber. He has been through his share of scrapes; Ben and Gwen didn't know of this at first, believing him to have been a literal plumber. They began questioning this after several incidents in which he displayed knowledge and skills that a plumber would not normally have; everything from military-style hand signals to a working knowledge of nuclear reactors. Throughout the first season, it seems that Max knows far more about aliens than he lets on, which climaxes in the season finale, where it is revealed that he and Vilgax are old enemies, with Vilgax even going so far as to call Max "a thorn in his side". Before Ben got the watch, Max tried to keep the Plumbers and the aliens a secret from his family because he wanted to protect them and he didn't want this life for his family; however, his evil plan failed when the Omnitrix and Vilgax came to Earth and he eventually accepted Ben and Gwen's involvement with this life. He begin to train them how to use their skills on the field. Keeping his secret from his sons had led his sons to resent him, and he never gave his sons a chance to learn about his life. He eventually learned the errors of his ways and he begins to realize that Ben and Gwen have what it takes to fight evil.

Max has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Toon Time, as a sketch together his grandchildren Ben and Gwen Tennyson as well as Robotboy, Tom Turnbull, Lola Mbolắ and Gus Turner from the cartoon show, Robotboy.

Mazinger ZEdit

Super robots

Super Robots

Mazinger Z is a super robot piloted by Koji Kabuto, making it the prominent robot of the series, Mazinger Z. Following the discovery of Japanium and the creation of Super Alloy Z, the titanic robot was created by Doctor Juzo Kabuto to combat Dr. Hell and his Mechanical Beasts, who desired the metal for their own nefarious purposes. When the doctor was killed, his grandson Koji Kabuto piloted the mech to fight against Dr. Hell. In production history, the Mazinger Z is the first giant robot to be internally piloted leading a series, launching the Super Robot genre into existence.

Mazinger Z is featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Super Robots, (the robot on the left), together with Getter-1 and Voltes V.

Mega ManEdit

Mini Titans

Mini Titans

Mega Man, known as Rockman in Japan, is a cybernetic video game character, and the titular protagonist of what has been referred to as the original Mega Man series developed by Capcom since 1987. Since then, he has become one of the company's primary original characters and continues to be one of the video game industry's most recognizable icons.

Mega Man is featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Mini Titans, together with Powerpuff GirlsDexter, Mega Man Zero, Ciel and Roll.

Mega Man XEdit

  • x,x and y
  • x,x and y colored
Mega Man X is the main character in the video game series: Mega Man X. As is explained in Mega Man X, he is the template on which all Reploids are based, and he battles against Mavericks to protect the humans and assuage his guilt for his part in their creation. He was created by Dr. Light sometime in 20XX. Light named him X after the variable "x" which, in algebraic terms, represents limitless possibility, as do X's advanced systems. Light feared the ramifications of giving robots free will, so he chose to seal X inside a capsule for 30 years to test the integrity and reliability of X's systems. Unfortunately, this landed well beyond Dr. Light's predicted life expectancy, and he died before X's diagnostics were complete. X was discovered in his capsule 100 years later by another scientist, Dr. Cain, who attempted to emulate X's technology and, with X's help, produced the first Reploids: humanoid androids based upon X's designs. When the Reploids began to rebel against humanity (such rebels are termed Mavericks), the Maverick Hunters were formed to combat them, under the leadership of Sigma, the strongest and most advanced Reploid created at that time, as well as the first Reploid created by Cain. This proved to be disastrous when Sigma himself was eventually infected with the Maverick Virus, and went Maverick himself, taking most of the Maverick Hunters with him as he leads a massive revolt. X, feeling guilty for being the catalyst of the Maverick outbreak, takes it upon himself to help put a stop to Sigma and his plans, and teams up with Zero, one of the last remaining Hunters, in an attempt to find Sigma and put a stop to his revolt.

Mega Man X has been featured in two pieces of Bleedman Character Art, in the left panel of x,x and y, together with Iris, Megaman Zero and Sigma and in the left panel of the follow-up art, x,x and y colored, together with Iris, Megaman Zero, Sigma and Vile. (With the addition of Vile, Iris has been placed to the background.)

Mega Man ZeroEdit

  • Mini Titans
  • Mega Man Zero
  • x,x and y
  • x,x and y colored
Mega Man Zero is a video game character present throughout the Mega Man franchise. First appearing in the 1993 game Mega Man X for the Super Nintendo, Zero has since been the star of the Mega Man Zero series and has played a supporting role in other game series such as the Mega Man ZX series.

Mega Man Zero is featured in fourpieces of the Bleedman Character Art, first in Mini Titans, together with Powerpuff GirlsDexter, Mega Man, Ciel and Roll, a second time in Megaman Zero, with Ciel. Megaman Zero has also been featured in the left panel of x,x and y, together with Iris, Megaman X and Sigma and in the left panel of the follow-up art, x,x and y colored, together with Iris, Megaman X, Sigma and Vile. (With the addition of Vile, Iris has been placed to the background.)


Phantom monarch megiddo by dragonman32-d3fp172

The Phantom Monarch: Megiddo

Megiddo is an original character, created by Dragonman32 and drawn by Bleedman. Megiddo is an antropomorphic jackal and is part of the Phantom Monarch. Tall, muscular, intimidating, and known as the Right Hand of Entreri, Megiddo is the antithesis of Cauis. Where as Cauis prefers magic, ranged and psychological combat, Megiddo utilizes a mixture of close combat, pressure points, fear and intimidation to overcome his foes. Where Cauis is lightly built, Megiddo is muscular. Despite these differences however, the two get along rather well, and should they ever combine their efforts, nothing could hope to survive their onslaught, except for Entreri, and perhaps the strongest of legends and the bravest of heroes. After Entreri got sealed away by Shen Guang, Megiddo and Cauis when separate ways in order to find a way to free their master. Megiddo is at the moment with the Five Poison and helping them from the shadow! Megiddo is the strong, silent type, preferring to let his actions speak for him, which has led some enemies to believe that he relies on his muscles rather than his brains. Those enemies are now dead, overwhelmed by the superb intellect and supernatural instincts honed over a millennial of combat.

Megiddo has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, The Phantom Monarch: MegiddoThe Phantom Monarch: Megiddo is only featured on the DeviantArt page of Dragonman32, with the artwork being credited to Bleedman.

Mekel and IrisEdit

Mekel and iris by bleedman

Mekel and Iris

Mekel and Iris are two original characters created by Eclipse02, and drawn by Bleedman. Mekel is teenage boy or a young adult male with long cobalt-blue hair, worn in a pony tail, and brown eyes. He wears a white and cobalt-blue-grey pants. He also wears a trenchcoat with the same color pattern. Not much is known about Mekel, but the picture does reveal that he has electrokinetic abilities as he is shown to hold a lightning bolt in his left hand. Iris on the other hand is a young girl, with long blond hair (also worn in a ponytail) and light-purple eyes. She wears a shoulderless white shirt, a pink-purple pants and white shoes. She also wears a blue crystal on her necklace. If she possess any powers, like Mekel does, isn't known.

Mekel and Iris has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Mekel and Iris as a commission for Eclipse02.


Assassination time by bleedman-d58aa13

Assassination Time

Me-Mow is an antagonist in the cartoon series, Adventure Time. Me-Mow is an assassin that appeared as a major character in the episode Jake vs. Me-Mow. Pendleton Ward has confirmed that Me-Mow is a fan-made character, and is included in the show because "it's so cute and it was drawn by a tiny kid." She is a second-class assassin of the Guild of Assassins and is trying to kill Wildberry Princess to become a full-member assassin. A note was stabbed to Wildberry Princess' doorman, which said, "we are going to assassinate you." During the episode, Me-Mow poisons Jake with a syringe full of green liquid that is capable of killing a dog fifty times the size of Jake. Jake grows his liver to fifty-one times the size of an average dog, stopping the poison. Me-Mow stated when she failed her assassin's test that she would have to wait a year to retake it.

Me-Mow has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Assassination Time.

Meta KnightEdit

Smashing by bleedman


Meta Knight (Japanese: メタナイト Hepburn: Meta Naito?) is a fictional character in Nintendo's Kirby video game series created by Masahiro Sakurai and developed by HAL Laboratory. He first appeared in the 1993 video game Kirby's Adventure as a nameless character remaining there until the game Kirby's Avalanche. The character also appears in several Kirby comic books, in the 2001 anime series, and in the Super Smash Bros. series. Meta Knight is a mysterious but honorable knight; due to this attitude he has played more a "friend or foe" role in the Kirby series, which led video game critics to debate his nature and allegiances. He has received mainly positive critical reception since his introduction; his development within the series, from a nameless character to one of Kirby's main enemies, was praised, and he has been described as a "cool" character by reviewers.

Meta Knight has been featured in Bleedman Character Art, Smashing, in the second panel of the picture, together with Bowser, Dibby Kong, Ice Climbers, Ike, King Dedede, Olimar, Pikachu, Pit, Red and Sheik. He is featured in the lower right corner, just above Bowser.


Michelangelo (nickname: Mikey) is one of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, from the titular comic franchise. The most stereotypical teenager of the team, Michelangelo is a free-spirited, relaxed, and often goofy jokester, and known for his love of pizza. Michelangelo wears an orange mask and wields a pair of nunchucks. He provides the comic relief, though he still has an adventurous side. The least mature of the four Turtles, he shows characteristics of a "surfer" type and is often depicted with a Southern Californian accent. He is named after the Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, poet, and engineer, Michelangelo. His name was originally misspelled "Michaelangelo" by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman.

Michelangelo has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, in Whatcha Drawin and colorin #2, together with Callie, Connie Maheswaran, Cthulhu, Flowey, Frisk, Marie, Panty, Stocking, The Steward, Tomoko Kuroki and Tulip. He has been featured on the second row, spot 2.

Mickey MouseEdit

Kingdom Hearts by bleedman

Kingdom Hearts

Mickey Mouse, often referred to as King Mickey, is the king of Disney Castle, a recurring character, and, along with Donald and Goofy, the main Disney protagonist in the Kingdom Hearts series. He travels the worlds battling the forces of darkness and is a Keyblade Master, and the chosen Keyblade wielder for the Realm of Darkness, though he follows the path of light. Originally believing that the darkness had to be eliminated, he eventually realized that light and darkness are interdependent and cannot exist without the other due to his encounters with Riku. King Mickey is an incredibly powerful character in the Kingdom Hearts universe, as shown when he defeated three Darkside Heartless in a single blow whilst inside the Realm of Darkness. First studying under Yen Sid, Mickey is possibly the inventor of Gummi Ships. He is the first to realize the threat of darkness spreading between worlds, and one of the characters most strongly affiliated with light, including Sora. His strength is not always readily apparent, as his character remains very simple spoken, colloquial, and lighthearted, but contrary to this appearance, King Mickey has played a major role in all Kingdom Hearts games.

Mickey has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Kingdom Hearts, together with Donald Duck, Goofy Kairi, Naminé and Sora. He is featured on the upper right side of the picture, above Goofy.

Mike BelieveEdit

Cartoon character chart 3 by bleedman

Cartoon Character Part 3

Mike Believe is a character in The Powerpuff Girls. Mike is a student and main character in the episode, Imaginary Fiend. He seems to be new in town, as the class don't seem to know him and Ms. Keane introduces him to the class at the beginning. He really wants a friend, so he creates Patches, an evil ratty-wizard-type person, who causes trouble for the whole class. Blossom finally figures out that they have to create an imaginary friend to get Patches out of there. The girls create a bunny, who wears a pretty dress and combat boots and who has powers similar to the girls, along with a sweet, motherly voice. They fight Patches and send him on his way, and Bubbles tells Mike that the girls will be his friend.

Mike Believe has been featured in the Bleedman Character Artwork, Cartoon Character Chart Part 3, together with Olga and Mandark AstronomonovGrim Jr.Minimandy, Atom Ant, MimiHIMArmed Force, Delightful Children From Down the Lane, Princess Morbucks, Dee Dee, Robin Snyder, Bunny and Zilla.

Mikey KudoEdit

Taiki kudou sketch by bleedman by darkjanet-d78ujth

Taiki Kudou

Mikey Kudo (Kudou Taiki in Japanse) is the lead protagonist of the anime series Digimon Xros Wars, and one of the protagonists of the anime series Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leapt Through Time. Mikey is an extremely caring and athletic person who tries his best to help out anyone who asks or who looks like they need his help. He does this to the point of pushing himself to exhaustion or just endangering himself in general. He's shown to believe in the best in others, including his rivals and those that would be his enemies. He is an excellent strategist, coming up with plans on the fly, and often deceiving opponents with cheap tricks and disguises. In Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leapt Through Time, he ends up taking more of an exasperated, mentor roll to the other Hunters. Mikey, as well as friend Angie Hinomoto (Hinomoto Akari in Japanse) and self-proclaimed rival Jeremy Tsurgi (Tsurugi Zenjirou in Japanse), was drawn into the Digital World by the call of a dying Shoutmon. Once there, he met the newly-revived Shoutmon, Ballistamon and the other residents of Green Zone. Though initially wary of helping Shoutmon achieve his goal of becoming the Digimon King out of concerns of Shoutmon wanting the title out of mere greed, he relented upon learning of the Bagra Army and of Shoutmon's intention to claim the title to protect his people. One year later, Mikey has assembled a small street basketball team after school, named Xros Heart after his army; it's comprised of himself, Ewan Amano (Amano Yuu in Japanse) and Tagiru Akashi (Akashi Tagiru in Japanse). Originally, Mikey did not have any access to his digimon while in DigiQuartz because all of his army was still in the Digital World. However, Wisemon managed to create a machine to transfer some of his friends from the Digital World directly to his Xros Loader, including his partner Shoutmon. Rather than hunting like Tagiru and the others, Mikey wants to help as many Digimon as he can.

Mikey has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Taiki Kudou as a commission for DarkJanet. It is featured exclusively on her DeviantArt Page.

==Mikuru Asahina==
Ultimoe by bleedman


Mikuru Asahina (朝比奈みくる Asahina Mikuru) is a main character from the light novel series, Haruhi Suzumiya. Mikuru is the fourth member to join the SOS Brigade, and the only person other than Kyon to join against her will. She is extremely cute, and is often harassed by Haruhi Suzumiya. She is secretly a time traveler from the future who came back in time to observe Haruhi. She is best friends with Tsuruya and shows a great talent for brewing tea. Mikuru often has trouble talking to Kyon because many of the things he asks about are "classified" (禁則事項, kinsoku jikō). Mikuru is the mascot for the SOS Brigade, mainly as a way to attract attention. Because she is so popular, Haruhi uses her as eye candy. She starred in The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00.

Mikuru has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Ultimoe, together with Yuki Nagato (left) and Haruhi Suzumiya (middle). Mikuru is the girl on the right. Ultimoe is a commission for RedFallingStar.

Miles ProwerEdit

Sonic X

Sonic X

Miles Prower, better known by his nickname, Tails, is one of the main characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games, comics, and animated series released by Sega. The name "Miles Prower" is a pun on "miles per hour", a reference to the famed speed of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is an 8 year-old orange-yellow, anthropomorphic fox with two tails (similar to the mythological kitsune), hence his nickname. He is known to be Sonic's best friend, sidekick, and an expert mechanic. He is able to use his two tails to propel himself into the air like a helicopter for a limited time. His debut was on October 16, 1992, introduced in the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2; the 16-bit version was released that November.

Miles has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Sonic X, together with Cream Rabbit, Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna and  Amy Rose.

Millia RageEdit



Millia Rage (Japanese: ミリア=レイジ Hepburn: Miria Reiji) is a character in Arc System Works's Guilty Gear video game series. She first appeared in the 1998 video game Guilty Gear. In the series, Millia is a retired assassin who fights with her own hair, which is prehensile and able to change its size and shape. This ability of manipulate her hair has been received with both praise and criticism by video game reviewers who have commented on the character with mostly positive statements.

Millia is featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Fighters, together with Bridget, Dizzy and Sol Badguy from the Guilty Gear series as well with Iori Yagami and Terry Bogard from The King of Fighters series and Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown. The character is shown in the forefront of the picture, appearing with her long blond hair and in the attire she wore in Guilty Gear X.


  • Millie and Ghast
  • Millie
Millie is an original character, created Numa430 and drawn Bleedman. Millie is a 12-year old vampire girl. She has long, dark hair, reaching her waist She is dressed in a Victorian-style short dress, with stockings and black mary janes. She has a small backpack and also wears a cape. In her hair she wears a hairpin, shaped as a bat. Her weapon of choice is a scythe, alluding to the fact she might be a reaper, since the scythe is a Reaper's weapon. She is the partner of Ghast, a mysterious young man and together they would be featured in The Misadventures of Millie and Ghast, a story written by Numa430, in the future but nothing is concrete yet. She has also been featured in bathing attire. She haves a bikini, both the top as the bottom have a bat-themed shape.

Millie has been featured in two pieces of Bleedman Character Art, first in Millie and Ghast together with Ghast and second time in Millie, both as a commission for Numa430 and exclusively featured on Numa430's page.


  • Min
  • Min Sketch
Min is an original character, created by InsideParanormal and drawn by Bleedman. Min is a fanon character for Invader Zim. Min is an Irken invader with a crush on Dib and a grudge against Zim. Her grugde against Zim stems from the fact that Zim stole her Voot Cruiser when she was having a snack of Foodcourtia. Due to this, she missed the ceremony that started Operation Impending Doom II. She pleaded her case with the Almighty Tallest but as a cruel joke, they sent her to assist Zim on his conquest. In her new position as Zim's helper, she has found a way to get her revenge on Zim. Namely by sabotating plans and causing his bodily harm. But her mission was only misery, she also met Dib who quickly became her crush and off limits to any other girl.

Min has been featured in two pieces of Bleedman Character Art, first in Min and a second time in Min Sketch holding a Dib doll, as a commission for InsideParanormal.

Mina (NEK)Edit

Earl and mina by bleedman-d6v0mch

Earl and Mina

Mina is an original character, created by NeoEdensKing (NEK) and drawn by Bleedman. She's a demon dog trainer and bounty hunter from the Gates of Hell. She's a demon Puppy/dog Hoarder in short it means she wakes up to puppies and dogs literally hanging from her horns to getting tackled by them when she gets back home from whatever work she's done that day. She lives in a small house right next to the gates of hell with her favorite "puppy" Cerberus, the infamous Hell-hound who practically is Mina's Bitch and despite being able to take down demons of the grander size easily submits to Mina's will whenever the red skinned demon girl holds up a sign saying either "Sit" or "Heel." She will beat/kill enemies in the classic Mimi fan based comedy methods, yet all her moves are dog based or related in technique or fatality. Like Mimi, she is unable to be speak. Despite her speech impairment, she is considered a chatter box as she does speak by holding up signs or boards to explain what she's thinking or feeling. and for the final change which makes her seem different in comparrison is her tail which unlike all the other fan based works is the classic red devil design and not the thick spiked tail version.

Mina has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Earl and Mina, together with NEK's Little Earl, as a commission for NEK.

Mindy McCreadyEdit

Character chart by bleedman-d49me7a

Character Chart

Mindy McCready AKA Hit-Girl is a main character in the Kick-Ass franchise. Hit-Girl is a deadly martial arts and weapons expert who has been trained to fight crime all her childhood life.She and her father, Big Daddy, are constantly on the run. Her main goal is to avenge her mother, although the comic suggests Big Daddy has influenced her way of thinking. Unlike Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl is depicted as a very effective superhero. Dave describes her as a mix between John Rambo and Polly Pocket. Hit-girl is a literal killing machine who saved Dave many times, actions that always ended in enormous bloodbaths with high body counts. After the death of her father, she joined up with Kick-Ass to kill John Genovese, to avenge both her parents. She later joined Kick-Ass' Justice Forever to help him in his battle against the Mother-Fucker. In the comics, she is 10 3/4 years old, while in the film adaptation she is around 13-14 years.

Mindy has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Character Chart, together with BethonaBlossomBosunGingerGiygas Lexine, Nightmare Moon, Sabrina Thompson and Y'Yedrin, as commission for Griddles.


Mink sketch by bleedman

Mink Sketch

Mink is an original character, created by RektheArtist and drawn by Bleedman. Mink is a man with an unknown background. He is semi-long hair, and wears a t-shirt, jacket and a ripped jeans. He has a belt wrapped around his left arm. Around his waist, he wears something that looks like a scarf the thing appears to be sentient as it raises itself next to his body, and has eyes and a mouth, causing it to resemble a mink. Also notable is the face drawn on his left knee.

Mink has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Mink Sketch, as a commission for RektheArtist.




Misaora is an original character, created by FallenAngelGM and drawn by Bleedman. Misaora is a young female angel, with a tanned skin, red eyes and long red hair, worn in a ponytail. She is clothed in a red top, a red skirt and red thighs. She also wears white socks and black shoes. Her lower arms are covered in bandages, and her left hand is covered by a fingerless glove. She has a tattoo of the Hearts of Love on her right shoulder. She has holding a doll with the likeness of Sahn Lamarey.

Misaora has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Misaora as a promot for FallenAngelGM's Hearts of Love contest.


Misty by bleedman-d669hy5


Misty is one of the main characters in the anime series, Pokémon and gym leader in the manga. Misty is a friend and former traveling partner of the anime's main character, Ash Ketchum. After he stole her bike and proceeded to accidentally destroy it in Pokémon - I Choose You!, Misty followed him around the Kanto region, Orange Archipelago, and Johto region, using the time she spent with him to further her goal of becoming the greatest Water Pokémon Master. At the end of the original series, Misty's bike was returned and repaired by the Nurse Joy of Viridian City, and as her sisters were leaving on a world tour, Misty stayed at the Cerulean Gym as its leader in order to keep it open. Despite this drawback, she still visits Ash from time to time, meeting up with him during the Mirage Kingdom and Battle Frontier arcs of the Advanced Generation series.

Misty has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Misty.

Miyako GotokujiEdit

Z by bleedman


Miyako Gotokuji (豪徳寺みやこ Gōtokuji Miyako)/Rolling Bubbles (ローリング・バブルス Rōringu Baburusu) is Bubbles' counterpart. Her weapon is a giant bubble wand. She is too quite ditzy and often seems to not completely understand her powers. She is known for being the sweet-heart of the school whom is always receiving love-notes from boys. She is more mature and calm than the other girls, but like her American counterpart, can be angered when provoked. She is extremely polite and loves shopping. She still has her stuffed Octi (her American counterpart has the same stuffed doll with the same name). She is very innocent, kind, gentle, and has a deep love for animals. She can also communicate with animals just like her original counterpart. The reason why she is called Rolling is because of her bubble wand weapon since bubble wands have bubbles and bubbles are round and rolling.

Miyako Gotokuji has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, in Z, together with Kaoru Matsubara and Momoko Akatsutsumi. She appears on the right of the picture, next to Momoko.

Momoko AkatsutsumiEdit

Z by bleedman


Momoko Akatsutsumi (赤堤ももこ, Akatsutsumi Momoko/Hyper-Blossom (ハイパー・ブロッサム, Haipā Burossamu) is Blossom's counterpart. She was the first to be hit with the white light and the leader of the trio. Her main weapon is a Yo-Yo. She is very ditzy unlike her American counterpart and is obsessed with boys and sweets. She is known as a "hero maniac" and is obsessed with helping others. Despite her ditzy nature, she can be quite clever and can come up with plans when the time comes.The reason why she is called Hyper is because of her yo-yo weapon since yo-yos are hyper.

Miyako Gotokuji has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, in Z, together with Kaoru Matsubara and Miyako Gotokuji. She appears in the middle of the picture, between Kaoru on the left and Miyako on the right.

Mona Lisa (TMNT)Edit

Hi raph remember me by bleedman-d6l80u1

Hi Raph

Mona Lisa is a character in the cartoon series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987). Mona is a mutant lizard. She first appeared in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode, Raphael Meets His Match. Once a human trying to get a college degree in biology, Mona Lisa was kidnapped on a fishing trip and forced to work as an assistant to a pirate named Captain Filch when he attacked her boat. In trying to foil Filch's plans, she was turned into a mutant lizard with an encounter to radiation. After this, she vowed to stop Filch. She and Raphael met in this episode, when Filch was holding a yacht full of people hostage and teamed together to stop him. Afterward, she followed the Turtles back to New York but was never seen again.

Mona has been featured Bleedman Character Art, Hi Ralph, together with a Mutant Anemone and Raphael.


Come to the dark side by bleedman-d9hiscn

Come to the dark side

Mordecai is one of the main characters in the cartoon show, Regular Show. Mordecai is a tall, thin, anthropomorphic blue jay who works as a groundskeeper at The Park. He has been best friends with Rigby ever since childhood, and together they are very lazy and constantly slack off at their jobs there. Mordecai is more conscientious, mature, and moral about his actions than Rigby is, which sometimes leads to his opposing Rigby when he is the cause of some kind of chaotic problem. However, Mordecai usually sides with his friend and the two generally stick together through their adventures. Mordecai loves to play video games and is a better player than Rigby. He can sometimes become caught up in his emotions, often letting them get the better of him. However, he is usually quick to apologize to others if he has hurt them and occasionally takes the lead in fixing a situation. He had a crush on Margaret Smith, a red robin who worked as a waitress at a local coffee shop. Mordecai would often hang out with her, along with Rigby and Eileen Roberts, and made many attempts to try to start a relationship with her. The two finally begin to date in the fourth season until Margaret decides to leave for college, thus ending their relationship. In the episode Camping Can Be Cool, it is revealed that he attended art school before being employed at The Park; however, he never finished the course due to his bad portrait skills, which were revealed in the episode Bad Portrait. He is shown to have an uptight mom, who embarrasses him around his girlfriends and also made a highlight reel of Mordecai's most embarrassing moments, as seen in Maxin' and Relaxin' .

Mordecai has been featured Bleedman Character Art, Come to the dark side.

Mr. Game & WatchEdit

Smashing by bleedman


Mr. Game & Watch first appeared as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Melee. The character was created as a homage to the Game & Watch series, and his moveset is made of elements from many different titles; for example, his standard attack is the bugspray from Greenhouse, and his neutral special attack is using the frying pan from Chef to launch food at his enemies. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the main storyline suggests Mr. Game & Watch is made of a primordial substance that can take on any number of forms. Mr. Game & Watch was harvested for this reason to create The Subspace Army. On the Smash Dojo, it is stated that Mr. Game & Watch allowed this to happen because he has no concept of good and evil.

Mr. Game & Watch has been featured in the Bleedman Character Art, Smashing in the third panel of the picture, together with Captain Falcon, Falko Lombardi, Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, Lucario, Luigi, Marth, Ness, R.O.B. and Wolf O'Donnell. Mr. Game & Watch is featured in the left lower corner, on the shoulder of Marth.

Mr. HerrimanEdit

Little Foster and Funny Bunny by bleedman

Little Foster and Funny Bunny

Mr. Herriman is a character in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. He is a gray and white elderly anthropomorphic lop ear rabbit friend imagined by Madame Foster who speaks with a British accent. He wears a tailcoat, white gloves and a top hat, as well as a monocle over his left eye (though it is sometimes seen over his right eye). He is in charge of the house (the "President" of Foster's) and is extremely strict about the house rules (or just politeness and order in general), but he is also seen to put the rules before common sense, as seen in "Destination: Imagination" when he sticks to the rule written on the chained up toy box of never letting the imaginary friend who is trapped in there out despite what would happen to him if he didn't. He is often found punishing Bloo for his various misdemeanors. It was revealed in "Busted" that the reason Mr. Herriman is so hard on Bloo is because he feels that, given that he is allowed to stay at Foster's even though he still has an owner, he has already broken one of the main house rules. He is extremely fond of his creator Madame Foster, harboring great respect and loyalty to her, even at her most prominent levels of unabashed pep and energy. Mr. Herriman may be considered unruly Madame Foster's superego.

Mr. Herriman has been featured as a child, in the Bleedman Character Art, Little Foster and Funny Bunny, together with Madame Foster. In the artwork, he sings who sings the Funny Bunny song, a reference to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends's episode: World Wide Wabbit.


  • Whatcha Drawin and colorin
  • Tea and Tennis
Muffet is a character from the videogame, Undertale. Muffet (/ˈmʌfᵻt/) is a miniboss the protagonist encounters in Hotland. She runs a bake sale, being very angry at passers-by who do not purchase anything from it, even though buying something costs 9999 gold. She was a bought-in character during the Kickstarter for the game. Muffet is a spider monster with periwinkle or lavender skin, five eyes, six arms, and two legs. She wears a red outfit with pantaloons at the bottom, buttons in the front, a red ribbon across her chest, as well as two more ribbons in her hair. She is also shown holding two teacups with her top pair of hands and two teapots with her middle pair.

Muffet has appeared in two pieces of Bleedman Character Art, first in Whatcha Drawin and colorin, together with Android 18, Calibretto, the Grim Reaper, Lewis, Mandy, Roll, Ruby Rose and Vivian. She is the last character of the first row. Her second appearance was in Tea and Tennis, playing a tennis match against Frisk.

Mutant AnemoneEdit

Hi raph remember me by bleedman-d6l80u1

Hi Raph

Mutan Anemone is a character in the cartoon series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987). As the name suggested, these monsters are mutated anemones. They are Captain Filch's mutant slaves, created by Captain Filch to serve him. Their first and only appearance is in Raphael Meets His Match. It seems they're able to talk, as one of the Anemones whispers to Captain Filch that Aoruk was trying to contact the turtles. Most of the Anemones were defeated by being thrown out of MacDonald Crump's ship.

Mutant Anemone has been featured Bleedman Character Art, Hi Ralph, together with a Mona Lisa and Raphael.