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Lexine Takeshi
Name Lexine Takeshi
Sex Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Relatives Bio (mother), Gabriel (father, Deceased), Roxanne (sister), Blood and Blaze (Aunts), Seraph (Cousin).
Friends Sabrina, Seraph.
Occupation(s) School Student

Lexine is Bio's first daughter. Born during a scandelous relationship with a normal, but somewhat abusive, scientist whose relationship with the young Trinity girl would inevitably ruin her.

Biohazard ran away to give birth in solitude. Unable to care for her daughter, she allowed Lexine to be adopted into a good home before returning to the man she once loved to perform one final act of absolution. Lexine grew up never knowing her mother but hearing often of her legacy. She even started to wear an outfit similar to that which her mother wore in her younger days, but with its particular mocha colour to match her eyes. Part-Latino, Lexine looks much like Bio and wishes there was some way to meet her mother face to face, if only for long enough to tell her that she loves her so very much. Lexine has been created by Griddles.



Simple and beautiful.

No powers, no fancy abilities or ambition to either enslave the world, change it or unite it. She's five, for crying out loud!!

She wears a dress like the one her mother used to. She has her mother's hair but her father's eyes. She doesn't know her father. And that's good, because he was a real pain.

She wants to make friends, grow up, own a pet rabbit and grow tall and sexy like she knows her mother has (even though she doesn't live with her mother for her own safety).

And that's bound to be the happiest ending any character gets in my work..."



  • Gamefan PPG once set up a poll in an attempt to gain ownership of Lexine after making outrageous claims regarding her initial creation. He asked those on his Deviantart page who would make a better 'father', himself or Griddles. Gamefan lost by a huge amount of votes.


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