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Name L.D.G.
Sex Female
Age Infinite
Species 1/2 Human, 1/2 Demon
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Relatives Skull Boy, Psycho Kid (brothers), Shish-Koom Bahmon (creation)
Friends Eight-Bit, Jerry
Occupation(s) Scientist
Residence Earth

L.D.G. is a main character in The New Adventures of Skull Boy. She is the older sister of Skull Boy and Psycho Kid. She has Jerry as her minion although he isn't very useful.


L.D.G. was making soup, which was taking very long. Skull Boy requested to eat at the place next door but L.D.G. said that was a pet cementary. Psycho Kid was dancing to music and then jumped out of the window to catch the neighbor's cat, so Skull Kid had to catch his brother. Psycho Kid was watching a commercial of the Zombie Co. "Ralph Machio" talked about it and you could see Kerry killing the zombies. LDG then decided that Psycho Kid already watched too much and took him away.

LDG was still making the soup, as Skull Boy stabbed himself of the hunger. Psycho Kid also was very hungry and then bit off the arm of his sister. LDG then followed Psycho Kid to kill him, as Skull Boy was getting more impatient. LDG eventually caught Psycho Kid after who whole chase and took him to her lab. She repaired her arm and started operating PB's brain to make him "normal".

LGD was meanwhile busy with brain surgery when her minion, Jerry, appeared to assist her. She said it wasn't needed and that PB's brain would keep growing back. But the worst thing was that although PB was immortal he didn't had any special powers. But Jerry said that out of PB's brain some acid goo was coming. LDG reported it and tried to test the goo, but when she did her lab exploded.

LDG entered the restaurant along with Psycho Kid to meet up with Skull Boy. Psycho Kid he felt strange and before he knew it his arms were gone and he only had floating hands, similar to Rayman. Psycho Kid wanted to fight goomba's but Eight-Bit corrected him that Mario fights Goomba's. Demon Child was also at the restaurant, waiting for Skull Boy's work to end.


L.D.G. is a tall white woman who has long dark-blue hair and she has blue eyes. She wears a gray diadem in her hair and wears two skulls as earrings. She wears a long blue dress that even covers her feet. She wears a gray belt and over her dress she wears a blue cloth with a big skull on it. In addition to that she also wears blue sleeves.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As an immortal she has a special ability. She has the ability to move objects with telekesis.


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