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Jeff the Spider
Jeff the Spider
Full Name Jeff the Spider
Gender Male
Species Spider
Status Deceased
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Family Billy (father)
Enemies HIM
Occupation(s) Nanny of Mimi
Residence Megaville (former), Hell

"Who wants cocoa?"

-Jeff asking Grim Jr., Doctor Fate and Mimi.

Jeffrey "Jeff" the Spider is a character from The Grim Tales From Down Below.


Grim Jr. and Doctor Fate were in the Underworld when they first met a girl and afterwards Jeff. He invited them to come to his cave and so they came. There Grim Jr. told his story when he suddenly encountered Minniemandy. Jeff then sprayed Fate and Junior to the wall with his web and transformed the girl into Mimi. He said he only did it for Him because he could give him the love of his father Billy.

Later Grim Jr. wanted to slay Him, but Jeff freed Fate and Fate cut of the right arm of Him. Afterwards Mimi took Jeff and Grim Jr. to Limbo wher Jeff explained that he was caring for Mimi since the beginning and was more a father for her than Him was.

Later it was revealed that Him killed Jeff but Mimi could save his spirit if she could get something out of Grim's Castle and bring it to Him. When Horror's Hand showed Mimi's worst memory it showed Mimi sitting in a wheelchair in the ruins of Megaville along with Jeff when suddenly a giant monster appeared and he tried to escape, then Raven asked Jeff to give Mimi her birthday present (a necklace which Mimi is wearing on her forehead). Jeff's caged spirit was next to Him when Mimi failed the Horror's test and that Him knew that she couldn't retrieve Horror's Hand for him.


Jeff is the guardian of Mimi as Mimi care for Jeff more than Him. He has known Mimi since she was a baby. He is like a father figure to her.

Billy is the father of Jeff, but Billy hates spiders including him.

Him was the boss of Jeff, but he betrayed him and got killed by him.

Grim Jr. and Jeff became friends after they spawned to Limbo.

Raven and Jeff seem to have a relationship since Mimi sees Jeff as a father figure and Raven as a mother figure.


Jeff is a giant spider who thinks Billy is his father. When Billy opens Grim's magical trunk one day, he finds an egg, which he incubates himself and raises. When it hatches, Jeff appears and believes Billy is his father. Unfailingly friendly, Jeff wants more than anything to gain Billy's love despite Billy's arachnophobia-based hate for him. Billy frequently beats him with blunt objects. Jeff blames himself for Billy's hatred toward him and constantly tries to win his love.


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