Jeff the Spider Gallery Quotes

From Down BelowEdit

There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you.
— Jeff upon finding Mimi with Grim Jr. and Redeemer

Hi there! I'm Jeff, nice to meet ya!
— Jeff introducing himself

Who wants cocoa?
— Jeff asking Grim Jr. and Redeemer to have some cocoa

There! I've done everything you asked.
— Jeff to HIM

Well that was unexpected. Are they really related?
— Jeff after Grim Jr. and Minimandy kiss

This has gone far enough.
— Jeff observing the battle

Well uuhhh... I betrayed them, I betrayed you. All's fair with betrayal. I mean we all have to get betrayed sometimes right? Just making sure I'm all even...
— Jeff to HIM

Welcome to Limbo.
— Jeff to Grim Jr.

What About Mimi?Edit

Mimi! You shouldn't be here!
— Jeff to Mimi, during HIM's raid on Megaville.

Why are you telling me this? What are you going to do? Raven please... Don't do anything crazy.
— Jeff to Raven

Further OrientationEdit

Mimi. When we get back I want that photo removed and deleted, understand? Or no more Facebook
— Jeff disapproving of Mimi's lewd photo's

Can of soul, Mr. Abadeer?
— Jeff to Hunson Abadeer

I'll be in the kitchen if anyone needs anything.
— Jeff to HIM and Hunson Abadeer

R-Really? Does this mean we can have our little... party?
— Jeff to HIM

TADA! Happy birthday Mimi! I baked your favorite muffin, now blow out the candle and make a... wish.
— Jeff congratulating Mimi

Mimi she said she'll be back as soon as possible. Please just be patient a little longer.
— Jeff to Mimi about Blossom

Goodnight princess! Sweet dreams!
— Jeff to Mimi

Chapter 8Edit

Your majesty, to what do I owe this unexpected visit?
— Jeff to Chi

They were. Blossom was the whole world to her.
— Jeff to Chi

That's Mimi's mother [...] They were. Blossom was the whole world to Mimi.
— Jeff to Chi

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