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Name Jayce 
Sex Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Hair Color Black

Jayce is a minor character who appears in the reboot of Sugar Bits.


Jayce was first seen smoking outside with his pals in front of the Rainbow Dash fan-club. He got a brick thrown at his head by Ginger, on command of Licorice, breaking his black shades. Licorice then continued to provoke him by talking down him and flipping him off. Jayce said he was going to beat her up.


He is a tall white male with long black hair, and a little mustache. He has a huge ad pointy chin. He sports black shades along with a blue, orange and pink colored jacket which has a white t-shirt underneath it.



  • Jayce's appearance resembles that of Ace from the Powerpuff Girls. His name also seems to be a pun on his name.
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