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Invader Zim: Manifest Doom

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Cover Art
Kanji インベーター:マニフェスト運命
Genre Action, Supernatural
Created by Happy de Guzman
Published by Snafu Comics
Original Run June 2006 - Cancelled
Chapters 1 (not completed)
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Invader Zim: Manifest Doom is similar to Bleedman's comics. An Invader Zim doujinshi written and drawn by an artist known as Happy de Guzman. It has been stated she would update the comic monthly, but so far no new pages have been seen yet because of pharmacy school. The comic was on hiatus but Bleedman has recently announced that he would continue the comic in place of Happy, and has since added a new page (as of December 8, 2009). The comics front page features a combined symbol of Zim, Dib, Tak, and Gaz, hinting at that Gaz and Tak will play a more active role in the comics than in the actual series. So far, only Zim, GIR, Dib, and Gaz have made an appearance in the comic. It is suggested that Tak and her robot, MiMi may also make an appearance; along with the Almighty Tallest. It could be speculated that Tak is the main antagonist of the series. It is possible that the Almighty Tallest are also the main antagonist of the series, as they were for the original series. There are two characters yet to be seen but are heard throughout the comics as they observe Zim. It is hinted at that these character have plans to turn Zim into a weapon against the Irken empire later on in the series, it is possible that they are lard Nar and Shloonktapooxis of the Resisty. It is unknown the specific plot of the story is. However the comic's current status is cancelled.


Zim was running around in the city and called for GIR who wasn't seen anywhere. Meanwhile, Dib, who was a few paces behind Zim, introduced himself and told about how the world is in danger. Suddenly, Gaz broke through a wall and tried to attack Dib, who immidiatly ran away from her. He caught up with Zim and asked where GIR was. Gaz then found an Irken weapon and attacked Zim and Dib with it, but they dodged it. Finally, GIR arrives but then Gaz reacts by grabbing an Irken boomerang, throwing it at GIR and ends up cutting off his arm.


Chapter 1

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