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HeyLr City
Outside of HeyLr City
Name HeyLr City
Location Underworld

HeyLr City is a new location that appears in Grim Tales. It is home to the Blood Council, who are also referred to as the Old Ones.

Grim TalesEdit


After being summoned by the Blood Council, the Underlords were picked up by the trains of Cthulhu Express. After a long trip, in which the train transporting the Grim Reaper and Mandy almost ended up in a black hole twice, they eventually arrived at HeyLr City. Boarding the platforms, the Underlords leave their train, while giant starfish-like slugs carry their bags. Amongst the arrivees are Malebolgia and Satan. When Mandy and Grim leave their train, Mandy utters her displeasure about the way of transport. Grim replied by stating that the Blood Council are rather conservative.Their conversation is however disturbed by a yet to be revealed presence.


  • The name HeyLr is a clear reference to the name of the ancient city, Rl'yeh, a city from the H.P. Lovecraft's work. 


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