Name Half-Breed
Reside in Underworld
Known characters Grim Jr.
Minimandy (formerly)
Sari Sumdac

A Half-Breed (sometimes called Half-Blood) are humans with a usually regular human as one parent, but with a different being, such as a demon or transhuman, as another parent. Mimi is currently one of the known half-breeds in Grim Tales and the other comics. She is a daughter of HIM, who is a devil, and Blossom, who is a transhuman. Raven who is also a half-breed, appeared also in Grim Tales. She is half-human, half-demon. Irwin could be seen as an half-breed because he is half-mummy, quarter-vampire and quarter-human.

Mimi originally was a transhuman, but when she was taken away from her mother her hands got cut off and replaced by claws and was turned into a devil, however she still remains a half-breed. Another half-breed was Minimandy, but she died and was turned into a ragdoll. Human-Ghosts are also considerd as Half-Breed.

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