HIM Gallery Quotes

Past memoriesEdit

Honestly, you can't think of a shorter incantation?
— HIM to Raven, surprising her by turning up behind her before slashing her back.
You would have made a great ally. But now I guess I have to settle for a pet.
— HIM, outing his displeasure for Irwin's decision to fight against monsters instead of joining them, before killing him.
Hoss... I'm really not fond of manly hugs. Please let go before I pluck your remaining eyeball.
— HIM being placed in a headlock by Hoss.
How about a nice big hug?
— HIM, in speed demon form, after surviving a nuclear explosion.
You know how I don't like parties - especially when there are no strippers.
— HIM's party policy
It is merely there to remind me that evil can arise in even the holiest of beings. That Light can fall to Darkness, that angels can succumb to demons, and that heroes can become whores in their most desperate hour.
— HIM, adressing the potrait of Blossom and Mimi in his office.
Oh by all means, you girls have "fun".
— HIM to Chi, after she offered to show Mimi "around".

From Down BelowEdit

And now, Mimi. It is time to make our grand entrance.
— HIM's first appearance
She really does have her mother's charm.
— HIM, talking about Minimandy
I am going to enjoy ripping out your limbs one by one...
— HIM, facing Jeff after the latter's betrayal.

What About Mimi?Edit

Betrayal is the ultimate sin.
— A rather ironic remark of HIM to his daughter after she betrayed him to save Jeff.
I have said it before and I've said it a million times since, children should be mindful of their place.
— Him been angry with Chi
Please, what is the worse she can do, torture her? Trust me, I've done far worst to Mimi then she possible could
— HIM laughing away Ikra's concerns about Mandy's treatment of Mimi.

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