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HIM's Home
Name HIM's Home
Type Home
Ruler HIM
Location Land of Tainted Souls, Underworld
Notable inhabitants HIM

Mimi (formerly)
Pyramid Head
The Lava Monster
Quackor the Fowl

Him's House is a location in the Underworld from Grim Tales. This is the place where HIM lives with his daughter Mimi and nanny Jeff.


It only appears in a few pages when HIM hears Mimi screaming after seeing her worst memory, and later at the and of GT WHAM. It was later seen again in Further Orientation when HIM had a meeting at him home with Hunson. Jeff went to Mimi's room where he found her with The Lava Monster and celebrated her birthday there, with some of the strippers that HIM send. Afterwards Jeff put Mimi in bed.


HIM's home is located in his realm, it is unknown how the house looks from the outside. From the inside you can see that most chambers don't have a roof and parts of the walls are broken off. Because of that you can see the flames of the realm outside, you could also say that all the chambers are platforms. In his office, HIM, has lots of pictures that describe how much Mimi loved her friends and mother and how he let her kill them. Mimi's bedroom is located further away from her father's one. It is located on a cliff above the lave, and she was seen sleeping there with The Lava Monster.

Known ChambersEdit

  • Bathroom
  • HIM's Room
  • HIM's Office
  • Mimi's Room

Other Possible ChambersEdit

  • Jeff's Room
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Hallways


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