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Guardian Angels
Guardian Angels
Name Guardian Angels
Sex Male
Species Angel
Status Alive
Friends Gabriel
Enemies Skull Boy
Occupation(s) Guardian Angel
Residence Heaven

Guardian Angels are characters who appear in Skull-Boy. They are the henchmen of Gabriel, probably send by a mightier souce though.


When Skull Boy was delivering his pizza a bright light appeared and Gabriel appeared in front of him, along with the Guardian Angel. One of the guardians said he sensed that he was the one they were looking for, the one of which the prophecy foretold.


The Guardian Angels basically are flying armors of metal with small wings. They wear a white helmet, with a hole to see through, which has a golden crucifix over the hole. They have big ark-blue shoulder plates, with golden lines over it and a golden ribbed edge. Out of the shoulders sprout long wing-like sleeves, light-blue in color. The two tiny wings on their back also have the same color as their "arms". Their chest plate it white in the top middle and dark-blue around it. Like the rest of the armor it also has golden lines. In the middle of their armor is a golden orb, and attached to that is a long golden sword-shaped plate and two longer white ones next to it.



  • The Guardian Angels have the same colour scheme as Redeemer, who also is an angel.