Grim Reaper Grim Reaper (PPGD) Gallery Quotes

Grim TalesEdit

Past memoriesEdit

I smiled. I shouldn't. Ever. Smile.
— Grim, becoming painfully aware of how much he have changed, since he became the slave-friend of Billy and Mandy.
Don't anger me, child!
— Grim, trying and failing to threaten Mandy.
Because of dat, young lady... that you reminded me... who I am, who I am supposed to be, The Grim Reaper! You have ten seconds to make up your mind before I kill you!
— Grim's marriage proposal to Mandy.

From Down BelowEdit

Bring it on, boy!
— Grim engaging in battle with the tentacles of the Demon Reaper.
Protocols?! I am death for life's sake, and you are de master of time! We've been working together since the beginning of existence, and we decide who goes and who stays!
— Grim to Clockwork.
Clockwork! I'm going to strangle you til yer neck's a twig!
— Grim, threatening Clockwork for putting Junior against the Demon Reaper.

What About Mimi?Edit

De Creation of Life is beyand me. Yeh think yeh have dem better odds?
— Grim asking Dan why he thinks that he will be able to become a father.
Charles! Git up, it ain't ye time!
— Grim adressing a beaten Charles.
Mandy, it is hard teh tink that you could be dis cruel.
— Grim to Mandy, being surprised she exposes Mimi to Horror's Hand.
I have watched over the passing of the most cruelest and the bravest of souls. I have witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations, world's demons and Gods alike. I have seen de coming and goin of Underlords for centuries. And yet I find myself surprised how deep the Darkness of the cosmos stretches out, even beyond my understanding.
— Grim, monologueing about the Devil Essence.

Grim tales: AfterbirthEdit

And what makes yeh any better, woman!? Yeh'd do the same just as quick? Dere's no tellin' how de boy would react!
— Grim arguing with Mandy about whether to tell Grim Jr. that Minnie was kidnaped by Boogeyman.
Eheh... she, err... went to visit... um...
—  Grim trying to lie to Grim Jr. about Minnie.

Powerpuff Girl DoujinshiEdit

Come, child. It is time.
— Grim reaping Dee Dee's soul.
*sigh* Kid's these days. They do the craziest things.
— Grim witnessing Mandark's suicide.
If you want answers, follow me!
— Grim reaping the soul of Samantha.

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