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I wonder, if i actually took a vacation, would da world even give a fuk?
— Grim after being saved by Junior.
Grim Reaper







Grim Reaper
Name Grim Reaper
Alias Grim the Reaper, Lord of Death
Joe Black (disguised)
Origin The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Sex Male
Age Several billion (Immortal)
Species Skeleton Reaper
Status Alive
Eye Color Empty
Hair Color Bald
Relatives Mandy (wife)
Grim Jr. (son)
Minimandy (stepdaughter)
Jack Skellington (brother)
Sally (sister-in-law)
Earl (father)
Miriam (mother)
Granny Grim (grandmother)
Kali (grandaunt)
Phillip (father-in-law)
Claire (mother-in-law)
Jigsaw(great grandfather)
Non Canon;
Manny Phantom (stepson)
Daniela Phantom (stepdaughter)
Friends Billy, Lord Pain, Cerberus (pet), Nergal Jr., Nergal, Clockwork (partner)
Enemies HIM, Oogie Boogie, Boogeyman, Dan Phantom (neutral)
Occupation(s) Grim Reaper, King of the Underworld
Residence Castle Evergrim, Underworld

The Grim Reaper also known as "Death" is one of the major characters from The Grim Tales From Down Below. He is the husband of Mandy, and a father figure to Grim Jr. and Minimandy. He originates from the Cartoon Network show, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

Original Bio

Death himself, the Grim Reaper is an ancient entity whose task is to collect the souls of mortals who have reached their time to descend into the Underworld. He’s also got a Jamaican accent! But despite his incredible abilities, he is no match for the cunning of little Mandy, a human girl who is a little too smart for the so-called ‘bonehead’. Because of his mistake, Grim becomes a slave to Mandy and her friend Billy, and throughout the years go on many many crazy and often disastrous adventures. But Billy’s uncontrollable stupidity cannot get in the way of Grim developing a certain… affection for Mandy as she grows older, and eventually Mandy is forced to make a deal of her own. Join Grim by his side, or receive the death she had wanted so many years ago. Choosing wisely, Mandy and her new husband become the rulers of the Underworld together, but eventually it will be their time to step down and allow the next generation of Death to take the throne.

Grim Tales


Before the events of Grim Tales Grim was a normal Reaper. On the birthday of Mr. Snuggles, Grim came to take his soul but Billy protested, since he loved him so much. Grim then made a deal to play limbo in Limbo, if he would win he could take all their souls and if Billy and Mandy win he would be under their command. To his surprise he lost from Mandy and thus became their minion.

They experienced many adventures until Mandy began suspecting things. Mandy discovered she was immortal and Grim eventually said it to her after Mandy tried to commit suicide. After some time Mandy granted Grim his freedom, as she knew he hated living with them. Mandy and Grim would meet each other at times when Grim was at the job and talked.

Mandy grew up and became mayor of Megaville. Grim still remembered how evil Mandy was, causing a few of the biggest calamities in history like 9/11. Grim looked Mandy up and proposed her to marry him, and after being rendered speechless for the first time in her life she eventually said yes. They went on honeymoon and later got a child; Grim Jr. through abortion. When Minimandy was born from Mandy's affair with Nergal Junior he decided to stay with Mandy and raise Minnie too.

From Down Below

Grim first went along with his family to Halloween Town and introduced uncle Jack Skellington and aunt Sally to them.

Grim Jr. explained his past to Lock, Shock and Barrel. He once was owned by Billy and Mandy and went on adventures with them. Mandy started to ask questions about when she was going to die. When she eventually found out she was immortal she ordered Grim to be free. Grim sometimes met her at work. One day he proposed to her and became her husband.

Later he was seen when he noticed that Grim Jr. was in danger, they hurried to Oogie's Manor but were too late. the Demon Reaper invaded Halloween Town and he along with Mandy, Lord Pain, Nergal Jr. and Dark Danny battled it. He then went inside of the Demon Reaper along with Clockwork and encountered Nergal and had a discussion with him. Then he freed Junior's soul but Clockwork took it with him. He eventually reunited with him.

What About Mimi?

Later in the castle he was writing but was soon interupted by Dark Danny who told he had sex with Mandy. Grim didn't care and went towards the vault where he freed Grim Jr. and Minniemandy and gave Mimi's map to Mandy who then gave her the Horror's Hand. He saw her worst memories when she was in the ruins of Megaville. He was later seen picking up Mr. Snuggles and was talking to Pain about the Devil Essence Mimi was containing inside her human body after they were released out of her body and was sealed away because of Mandy. Later, Grim and Pain were still investigating the Devil Essence by taking a sample of it. After the sample taking, he informs Mandy about what the Elder Council will do. She remarked that a simple apology wouldn't be sufficient. Grim deduced that she is up to something, namely war, something she doesn't deny in the slighest. He asked her if she really wants to drive the matter that far and when it became clear she would, he dismissed her actions as she seemed to find her principles more important then the wellbeing of the realms. He went outside, to get some 'fresh air' and relaxation. To get away from it all for just a minute. He felt strangely good, not knowning that his son and Mimi are about to crash. As Junior caught the girl, Grim tripped, wondering if the world would care if he went on vacation.

But even after all what he said to Mandy, it became clear that he knew that war was coming, either by Mandy or by HIM himself. Getting drunk on Cyanide and Happiness, he recapping the horrors he have witnessed in his unlife, and yet how strangely surprised he was when discovering the Devil Essence. How unique it is that such pure evil can even exist. He then requested Pain to bring him Samurai Jack's Katana. He ignored the pleas of Pain, who tried to disencourage his actions, believing that it is a bad idea to tamper which such powers. The latter brought up it was especially bad for Grim to test his theories on Mandy's collection but Grim waved his concerns away. His belief that the sword will destroy the evil, led him to taint it with essence, with some unexpected results. A huge explosion followed and the sword flowed in the air as it became blood red and is now tainted with the evil. Mandy discovered this experiment and demanded an explanation from Grim. In his drunk state, he defends his actions to her, by stating his belief that sword was flawed, as it could only slay the guilty, leaving the innocent unharmed. He theorized that HIM would exploit this weakness by 'sending an army of puppies, but with the new sword, they would be able to kill these puppies without problem. Mandy was skeptical and his drunk ramblings didn't help either.


Noncanon ATTENTION: This article contains non-canon information. This means it isn't in one of the comics and also not planned for the future.

Taking place roughly 7/8 years after the events of "What About Mimi" the Grim Reaper continues his reign as the King of Castle Evergrim in name only, as the power still resides with his overbearing wife. Grim, much like he did with Junior and Minnie, now raises Mandy's youngest children Daniela and Manny. A few months prior to the story he received a letter from the Boogeyman demanding his scythe in exchange for Minnie's safe return who they thought had suddenly moved out like Junior did.

When Junior finally returned to the castle it led to a discussion between Mandy and Grim concerning Minnie's sudden departure and whether or not they should tell Junior. Junior overheard the conversation and threatened his parents, particularly Grim who fell over out of fright, into telling him where Minnie is. Mandy produces the Boogeyman's letter and explained the situation, leading to Junior blast a hole into the nearby wall and fly off in a rage cursing his parents, after which Grim was force to clean up the mess and fix the wall.


Grim's appearence stays true to the iconic image of the Grim Reaper; Grim is depicted in the series has an adult-sized 'undead, talking magical skeleton'. Grim is most often seen wearing a long black robe with a hood; the robes make him look thinner than he actually is.

Powers and Abilities

As the Grim Reaper, Grim is the master Life and Death, capable of Soul Absorption and Soul Stealing. Being Death, Grim collects the soul's of those whose time is up. Although there are others whose time is up but are still living, like Mandy, but it's implied that they won't die until Grim "says so". Grim is incapable creating life because it goes against his nature, but he has shown the power to extend any living being's lifetime by adding sand to their hourglassess which he did for Jeff, Billy and Mandy's life span. Being a vastly powrful cosmic being, Grim is also capable of bringing people back to life, and making himself corpereal.

Like other supernatural creatures of the Underworld, Grim naturally has supernatural powers of his own, such as being able to shapeshift, for example, growing in size and warping his form into the disguise of Joe Black to propose to Mandy. The ability to possess the living like when he possess Billy's cat, Milkshake, teleporting through different dimensions and places, telekinesis, flight, energy projection, conjuring, mind controlling, and a phlethora of other magical abitlies. As an 'undead, talking magical skeleton', Grim is a complete animated skeleton that is able to function both as a complete body or independently as individual bones. Grim has also been seen creating flames whenever his tempers flares, even his eyes will shoot out flames when he gets angry or determined.

Grim has demonstrated the use of spells that have implied he knows Dark Magic, Sorcery, and Voodoo i.e. when he created a voodoo doll of billy; and Necromancy for summoning skeletons to aid him.

The Reaper's Scythe

As the Grim Reaper, Grim is the "Master of the Forces of Life and Death" and the owner of 'The Reaper's Scythe; an Underworld object of power, (other such objects of power include, Eris' Apple of Discord, Pandora's Box, and Horror the Ancient's 'Left Hand of Horror', although most of them are currently stored in Mandy's Vault). All the most prominent of Grim's powers stem from this scythe. For the most part, Grim is dependent upon the scythe in the series for his powers and is usually rendered powerless when disarmed, but has been seen shown as capable of magical feats without it.

The Reaper's Scythe has the ability to cut and slice through anything and, according to Jack'O'Lantern in Billy and Mandy's Jacked Up Halloween, anything that has been cut by the scythe's blade cannot ever be repaired. Even though when Billy cut off Grim's head with the scythe in the in The Incredible Shrinking Mandy Grim put his head back on. The Reaper's Scythe can be used to open rifts to 'the other side' it's main purpose being to open the way for the souls of the recently deceased to pass through.

The scythe, however, is not limited to just cutting through obstacles and opening portals, as Grim has also used it to open inter/extra-dimensional portals and rifts in the fabric of time and space, and cast spells. The scythe's blade can be used to fire bolts of energy at targets, give off light, deflect incoming energy blasts and put up protective barriers (Which Came First?,) and the handle can be used like a Light-saber, (Brown Evil).

In Hunter Monkey, it was shown that the Scythe is able to hold Grim to his promise to be Billy and Mandy's best friend, preventing Grim from leaving Billy's house with the intention of never coming back. In Billy Idiot, Grim admits that the only way a evil witch can overpower his scythe is if she can first turn it into a snake, and then turns it against him.


Grim, the main protagonist, is over 137,000 years old (as his early childhood took place during the Stone Age) and speaks with a Jamaican accent. The continuity of how Grim got his reaper status and powers comes up quite a few times and it is unknown which way he really got his powers (For example, in The Spider Queen, he was elected to his position as the Grim Reaper while he was in middle school; however, in A Grim Prophecy, it is shown that he was the Grim Reaper since his childhood with his parents forcing him to be the Reaper, which is further contradicted in a later episode where he is seen stumbling over his scythe to become Grim Reaper). His scythe is the source of his powers and possesses many magical qualities; although he is still capable of using magic without it, these instances are quite rare.


  • Grim can only have children if they are killed at birth, still-born or aborted. This would make every baby who never took a breath of life, his, as stated by Nergal.
    • This would mean that Grim is not Truly the biological father of Grim Jr., because he was not the one to impregnate Mandy. Grim is both fully aware that his children aren't biologically his, and that his wife sleeps with other men to have children. He allows it because he is death and cannot 'create' life, and loves the children as his own none the less.
    • It would seem Grim holds a great dislike for Grim Jr.'s human father, as shown when he got really angry at Nergal for almost mentioning his name.
  • When Grim walked into Mandy's office to propose to her he was using the alias of "Joe Black." This is a reference to the Movie also called Joe Black about Death who possesses the body of a recently deceased young man in order to explore the world of the living and ends up falling in love with his guide's daughter.
    • Also, although Grim's human face is shadowed during this period, he does bare a resemblance to Joe Black.
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