Limbo & Heaven


Spawn vs Violator

Grim Jr. and Minnie vs Demon Reaper

Grim Tales: From Down Below


November 1


Halloween Town, Underworld


Halloween Town claims victory

Powers & Abilities
  • Nergal & Minimandy: Nergal Language
  • Dan Phantom: Mega Ghost Blast
  • Demon Reaper: Ghost Blast
Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • Minimandy's body is ripped apart.
  • Nergal's body is ripped apart.
  • The others are uninjured.
  • Demon Reaper returned back to Grim Jr.

Grim Jr. and Minnie vs Demon Reaper is the last battle in Grim Tales: From Down Below. After this the new side-story Grim Tales: What About Mimi starts.


With Grim Jr. having rescued his sister Minimandy from HIM in the Realm of Flesh and Blood, and Minnie having been rejected from Heaven for the sin of loving her brother the two siblings have been returned to Halloween Town where they battle the merged form of their out of control bodies the Demon Reaper.


Junior is still reeling with depression for having seemingly failed to rescue his sister and abandoning Jeff and Mimi to Him. As a result he is ambushed by the Reaper and sucked inside it's body.

Minnie arrives shortly after and having failed to stop the Reaper with the Nergal Language she is also sucked inside. There with the aide of Nergal Junior pulls his sister to safety and together they order the beast to stop which buys Dan Phantom the opening he needs to annihilate the Reaper, allowing Minnie to hand control over to Junior.


Jack Skellington is able to lead a search party that finds the bodies of Minnie and Nergal, using which they construct a Ragdoll body for Minnie's soul to inhabit. Dan impressed Mandy during the battle enough that she sleeps with him and impregnate her with his Children. Junior takes his sister to the Realm of Malebolgia to pick Necropollins as a apology for the way he acted.

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