Grim Jr. Gallery Quotes

From Down BelowEdit

I didn't ask for your help.
— Grim Jr. to Minimandy

Oh crap..

Hold it! Where's my sister?! Where's Minnie?!
— Grim Jr. to Redeemer

*gulp!* You do mean brotherly love, right?
— Grim Jr. to Minimandy

You know what? You're even worse than Oogie and Him combined!
— Grim Jr. scolding Clockwork

Some Halloween, huh?
— Grim Jr. to Minimandy in the epilogue

What About MimiEdit

C'mon Minnie. It'll be fun! We can do this!
— Grim Jr. to Minimandy

I'll let you sleep in my bed tonight.
— Grim Jr. to Minimandy in "Pale Rider

Fly? Why fly when you can...RIDE LIKE THE WIND!
— Grim Jr. to Minimandy in "Pale Rider

— Grim Jr. reacting to Mimi being the "intruder" in the castle in "Vault Vangaurds"

You're enjoying this, arent you?
— To Minimandy in "Hammerdown Protocol

She's amazing.....
— Grim Jr commenting Mimi's feat in "Taming the Hellhound"

People are gonna get weird ideas if they keep seeing us like this.
— To Minimandy in "Scythe to Meet You"

MOM! You.. uh... duhh.. uhh.. have you gained weight?
— To Mandy in "Gotta Hand It To Ya"

What was I thinking?
— In "At Odds with Oneself"

Nobody's ever stood against my mom... Nobody 'til now.
— To Nergal in "The Mitigator"

I won't let anyone hurt Mimi. EVER!
— In "The Mitigator"

Mr. Nergal help me!
— To Nergal in "Territorial"

I'll get you out of it, I swear! But you have to trust me, please!
— To Mimi in "Junior's Vow"


"Minnie, you're not even here..."

"Damn you mother. DAMN YOU BOTH!"

"I mean what I said.."

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