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Noncanon ATTENTION: This article contains non-canon information. This means it isn't in one of the comics and also not planned for the future.
Grim Jr.'s Father
Name Grim Jr.'s Father
Sex Male
Species Unknown
Status Unknown
Relatives Grim Jr. (son)

Grim Junior's Father is a character who has yet to be revealed in Grim Tales. All content is pure speculation and shouldn't be considered canon. It is a list of possibilities consisting out of people who are often speculated to be the father.

Timmy TurnerEdit

Timmy is a possible character. Timmy has similar hair to Grim Jr, both have the same color and style of hair, and Grim Jr.'s left eye (when he is in soul form and manifesting his human face with his nergal powers) is also the same color of blue as Timmy's eyes. Timmy's godparents are Cosmo and Wanda while Grim Jr.'s godparents are Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda. Fairly Odd Parents also already made an appearance in Grim Tales. However he could, like many other people in Megaville, be dead. Though impregnating Mandy could have happened earlier.

As confirmed here Timmy Turner is Junior's originally intended biological father.

Danny FentonEdit

Danny Fenton is also speculated to be a candidate for Grim Jr.'s father. He has blue eyes, like Junior. And the fact that Junior doesn't have Ghost Powers is because he was aborted. However Danny has black/white hair while Junior has brown hair. And the question still remains if he is alive, as it was hinted by his evil counterpart that he probably is dead. Though, just like with Timmy, impregnating Mandy could have happened earlier.


Billy is also one of the most predicted characters to be his father. Billy and Mandy always had a good relationship during the series and, although Mandy stated she hates him, she still hangs around with him. She also truly has feelings for Billy but doesn't express them. However, Billy had died at a young age so it would be impossible to make a child with a spirit (unlike a ghost).


Drax is one of the predicted characters to be Grim Jr.'s father. In Grim Tales Afterbirth Drax has stated that he was in love with Mandy. So it could be possible that Drax had a short relationship with Mandy and made Junior together, this could also be why he had Grim Jr. aborted. It is also possible Grim hates Drax and does not like for anybody to mention his name. However, Junior has brown hair, not ginger so this is not likely.


Irwin is said by some to be Junior's father. Mainly because he always has been in love with Mandy in the series. And seeing that Mandy likes the muscular and powerful men (Nergal Jr. & Dan Phantom ) he might be a candidate too, as in the future he is that too. However, when Junior is in human form he isn't mixed race, and Irwin has black hair.


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