Halloween Town vs Pumpkinator


Spawn vs Violator

Grim, Mandy, Nergal Jr., Lord Pain & Dark Danny vs the Demon Reaper

Grim Tales: From Down Below


November 1


Halloween Town

  • Grim Jr. and Minnie arrive on the scene to fight the monster.
  • Dark Danny destroys the monster's husk.
  • Minnie brings the Demon Reaper back to Grim Jr.
Powers & Abilities
  • Grim: Scythe
  • Mandy: Guns
  • Nergal Jr.: Nergal Powers
  • Lord Pain: Spike Cudgel
  • Dark Danny: Ghost Powers
  • Minimandy: Lightsword

Nergal: Nergal powers

Demon Reaper: absorbing, scythe, Nergal powers

Damage Sustained/Casualties

Minnie and Nergal's body both are ripped apart.

Demon Reaper returns to Grim Jr.


Grim, Mandy, Nergal Jr., Lord Pain & Dark Danny vs Demon Reaper is one of the longest battles fought in Grim Tales. Although it is very long, not very much is seen of it because the comic focusses more on what happens with Grim Jr. and Minnie.


After Grim had returned out of the Demon Reaper's belly they have to continue their fight.


Dan Phantom then flies up to the sky to preform a ghostly wail but the monster instead damages him with the attack. Nergal Jr. then appears and destroys most of the monster. The five then continue their battle against the Demon Reaper.

After some time Grim Jr. is brought back by Clockwork from Limbo and sobs on a roof when suddenly the Demon Reaper attacks him. Minnie also was sent back by Redeemer from Heaven to help her brother. The two then fight the Demon Reaper but get swallowed by it. Inside they meet Nergal who tries to help them when suddenly Dan fires a ghost blast and destroys the monster. Now an evil Grim Jr. is only there ready to kill everyone but the spirit of Minnie hugs him and returns him to normal.


The heroes look to the ground and see the corpse of Minnie and Nergal lying on the ground. They could do nothing about Nergal, but they could do something with Minnie, since her soul was still there. In Dr. Finklestein's lab they made a ragdoll body for her and the spirit of Minnie entered it and she lived again.

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