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Wild Chibis by bleedman
Wild Chibis
Name Griddles
Sex Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Friends Bleedman, Izumi-Razkun, BeeAre, Dmajorboss
Occupation(s) Fanfiction Writer

Story Editor - GT:FDB, GT:WHAM, GT:AB

Residence Australia

Griddles (often refrered as Grids) is a fellow writer of Grim Tales From Down Below, and the special Grim Tales Afterbirth. He is also creator of The Trinity, New Trinity and the Shadowpuff Girls.

Griddles also has his own fanfictions. The first one is Black and White which mostly revolves around Bell after the first saga of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. His second one is Lifelines which continues on Black and White, only now Barasia and Breannin play a bigger role. Reunification is his biggest story and is the final part of the Shadow Trilogy. Talisman is set much later than Reunifacation and revolves around Sora.

Griddles also works and is good friends with Izumi-Razkun, He gave part of Biohazard and Lexine's character rights to Izumi-Razkun.



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