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Professor Gingerbreadman
Name Gingerbreadman
Ruler Ginger, Licorice
Reside in Confectionaria
Known characters Hansel Gingerman

Gingerbread Men is a species that appears in Sugar Bits. The main character Hansel Gingerman is also a Gingerbread Men. Other Gingerbread Men play only a little role in the story. Several occupations that have been seen are a professor, a mechanist and a doctor.


When making a gingerbreadman you must use the right ingredients and make it on a special day if you want to make them come alive. Ginger couldn't do it at first but eventually created Gingerman.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Gingerbread Men all have their own abilities but they all share a common ability, which is to run very fast so that they never can be caught.



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