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Gigan (right) and Zoe (left)
Name Gigan
Origin Godzilla (movie)
Sex Male
Species Cyborg Kaiju
Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Metal Spikes
Friends Barasia
Enemies Godzilla
Occupation(s) Minion
Residence Cluster Zone

Gigan is a character who appears in Griddles story Lifelines. He is part of the Cluster and given to them by Barasia.


Gigan is from the Space Hunter nebula, a volatile region of space where only the strongest of organics can survive. Gigan was created by the best scientists there, who wanted a living, controllable weapon with which they can terrorize the neighboring systems, with which they were at war. The main star of the Space Hunter nebula collapsed and went nova. Several protostars were forming in the nebula at the time and they were annihilated, too. The resulting shockwave destroyed the nebula, everything within it, as well as the systems around it. It was one of the greatest cataclysms in history.

Gigan wasn't there when the thing went off. It was a fair distance away, fighting the Slaughtering Rat people of planet Blorch. It returned when it was aware that its home was lost, but it was too late to help its people. For decades the space creature wandered around, without orders to follow or masters to obey. Barasia manged to find, subdue it, and bring it to the Cluster Zone.


Gigan is a kaiju (Japanese giant monster) from the Godzilla series, introduced in the 1972 film Godzilla vs. Gigan. Gigan is a cybernetic monster sporting a buzzsaw weapon in its frontal abdominal region and large metallic hooks for hands. Gigan is considered Godzilla's most brutal and violent opponent, alongside Destroyah, both of which were easily able to severely injure Godzilla. Gigan was also the first monster in the Toho sci-fi series to cause Godzilla to visibly bleed.

Trivia: Edit

  • The Gigan pictured here is the design provided for Godzilla: Final-Wars by Japanese creature designer Yasushi Nirasawa, who's credits include the Worms, Imajin & Undead for the Kamen-Rider series, The Action-Commanders from Gokaiger and the Horrors from GARO.



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