GIR Gallery Quotes
Love Puppy!!! Love Puppy!!! I'm so huggable, eat me!!!

Doom Doom D-Doom, Doom Doom D-Doomy Doomy!!!

I am your Doom!!!

But I wanna do the monkey!

I'm...too sexy for my skirt! Too sexy for my skirt!! I'm a sexy little squirt!

Give me a B! Give me an E! Give me a TACO!
— GIR cheering for Bell

There is no spoon.

I am your father...'koff'...'koff'. No, really!

Yaaaaayyy!!!! I'm doomed...

I'm making mashed potatoes!

You killed my taquitos!

Ooo! Canned moon! An it tastes like air! Nam nam nam!

Now we're space naked!

Eight, six, seven, five, three, oh, ni-ee-i-ine! What is the matrix?

My face! Give me back my face!

I can do it! I can do it nine times!

Call me Ishmael.

Break it down! Can't touch this!

You've created a time paradox!

Bring your game-face!

Let's rock!

Threat? Scanning parimeter...No threat! Let the good times roll! No worries in Swahilll.

Ach, meine auchen! Die sonnenbrillen! Sie tut nichts!

Ja wohl, mein Führer! ...Ooh, ist das--! Ich liebe tak-o-o-o!

La vita è bella.

I'm a real boy!

Wow, grandma. What a big head you have!

Hello-o-o-o! I do believe in fairies!

Clap! Keep the dream alive! Inception!

Fappo! This it Zit!

It's good!

Our love will last forever~! ...I want a divorce!

..You're seeing someone?! Behind my back! Literally!

Do, a deer, a female deer!

When was the last time we saw a chapter end?

Hi! It doesn't work! Sad face.

Gray skies are going to clear up! Put on a happy face!

Don't touch my private time!

Ding-Dong! Anyone HO-O-O-O-ME?

♫Tick tock, on the clock! And the party don't stop!♪

♫doom doom doom! do do doom do do doom! dooby doom dooby doom! dooby dooby doom!♪
Firing Pattern Name: Disco Inferno.

Mission Objective Complete.
— GIR when Samantha falls to her deathtriggering the bomb

It's been fun Blossom. See you next bomb. But not next time.
— Gir after the bomb has been activated

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