Forgotten Tower
070528 ft
Genre Fantasy
Created by BlueFox
Published by
Chapters 1
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Forgotten Tower is a comic created by BlueFox. The comic is in the updated section unlike Soul Frontier, it has not been updated in a few years and probably is cancelled.


Darky looked outside and saw a disturbance in the night. Meanwhile Silver was looking at a chest and suddenly saw something with a big cloth over it and looked what it was. Imp was protecting an orb and looked to it when it suddenly fell and broke. Darky wanted to "kill" Imp for it but Silver protected him. Silver also saw Pablo who was under the blanket as a table. Darky and Pablo seemed to know each other. Pablo made a computer and Silver went on it. Darky wanted to borrow a pencil of Silver who said she had a fight with it because it wouldn't make her math homework. The comic was cancelled with Imp holding a sign saying: WIP.


External LinksEdit

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