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I'd be careful what you say in front of a lawman
— Eltros warning Kevin

Eltros Walker
Name Eltros Walker
Sex Male
Species Ghost
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blue
Relatives Walker (father)
Enemies Kevin E. Levin
Occupation(s) Warden
Residence The Ghost Zone

Eltros Walker is a character appearing in Grim Tales. He is the son of Walker and first appeared in chapter 10.

Grim TalesEdit

Walker first appeared when he walked into a bar in the City of Aku where he walked in on the fight between Chi and Kevin E. Levin. He asked Chi if Kevin and Rook were bothering her. Chi said they were just going to leave however. He was pleased as it already had been a rough day for him. He continued commenting on Kevin's childish behavior and called him by his name, Kevin, which made Chi chuckle and triggered a chain of people in the bar mocking Kevin. The monster in turn became angry but was warned by Walker that he was in front of a lawman. He made everyone in the bar settle down and asked Rook to escort Kevin outside to chill.  


Walker is a man of authority, being one of the most respected man in the premise and is in charge of the Ghost Zone penitentiary. Walker lives by the rules that his father has written down. Other than that not much is known of his personality only that he always seems to keep his cool during discussions.


Walker is of average size, possibly only being slightly taller than the other children. He has a pale greenish skin like most other ghosts, but wears a white mask with black lines to cover his face. There is one hole in his mask which reveals his green eye. He wears a gray hat and underneath has flaming blue hair tied back into a ponytail.

He wears a white jacket with a black belt with a metal buckle. Underneath he wears white shorts with thin stripes. He wears black boots and long gloves in the same color. He has a little cape resting on his shoulders which was tied together with a green button displaying a dark green star on it, reminiscent of a sheriff's star in the Wild West.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

He hasn't displayed any of his powers or abilities but most likely possesses the standard ghost abilities like; flight, invisibility, and intangibility, but possibly also has the same abilities that Walker has.


Eltros Walker


  • Despite Walker nor having a surname, Eltros uses Walker as his surname.