Grim Tales: AfterbirthEdit

The young Grim. Half - demon and half - reaper. I heard he was a feared warrior. A bounty hunter for hire who doesn`t come cheap. He only accepts souls as payment. Unfortunate for those who cannot pay his price. Do you ever wonder what he does to these poor souls?
— Drax saying about Grim Jr.
Oh yes... a real catch...
— Drax answer Boogeyman question
I knew it! Ghosts! Their ectoplasmic reading is off the chart! Empheles! Capture them and bring them to me! I must have them!
— Drax order Empheles to capture Manny and Daniela
Nevermind that! Dissappear without trace and bring her to me. She will do nicely!
— Drax order Empheles to return with Daniela
That is Empheles. He's my pet. He's Basilican, a race thought to be extinct. I found him and rebuilt him with a body that is forty - three percent cybernetic, mostly in the upper body, arm and abdominal region
— Drax to Daniela about Empheles
Wonderful! The other half of my specimen is here
— Drax when Manny approximate to the castle
Quite impossible! Inconceivable! Your sonic resonance is self - amplifying! Ohh, quite the handful aren't we? I only need one of you ghostlings anyway. Empheles!
— Drax to Manny about him power and subsequently order Empheles to deal with him
They got away because you are stooopid! You are stooopid! And don't forget... you are stooopid!
— Drax insulting Empheles because his failure
Screw you, I'll blow you to whatever hell comes after this one!
— Drax to Empheles after he activate the overload system in his chest
Your species was better off extinct! Die, you traitor!
— Drax last words

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