Dr. X Gallery Quotes
I'm sure they wouldn't mind letting you in the group. After all, you are a Powerpuff Girl
— Dr. X to Bell

Don't you have work to do?
— Dr. X to Zim

I have reasons not to reveal my identity. You may call me "X", Dr. X
— Dr. X introducing himself to Mojo Jojo

Bell, what are you doing up so late? You should go back to bed.
— Dr. X to Bell

Bell! Cease this childish demeanor at once!
— Dr. X to a furious Bell

Yes sweetheart, it's me. I put a radio link in the helmet. Convenient, isn't it?
— Dr. X to Bell

Bell! Stop playing around up there, it's not healthy! Come home this instance!
— Dr. X to Bell on the moon

That's daddy's little girl, giving her father a wonderful gift.
— Dr. X when Bell set off the bomb

I'll be honest, Irken. I can't say to you what will happen. Only what might. While it is my triumph, I simply cannot tell you that it is... the future
— Dr. X's last words to Zim

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