Dib Membrane Gallery Quotes

Powerpuff Girls DoujinshiEdit

— Dib butting in between Mandy and Bubbles

— Dib interjecting

We don't have much time, you're a superhero right?
— Dib talking to Bubbles

This is the last place she'll look for me! Let's get out--
— Dib panicking

Oh, no...
— Dib with Gaz in his sight

I know I was just... Gak...
— Dib trying to explain while being choked by Gaz

I'm showing XJ-9 the important things in Megaville. My dad is showing around Nora Wakeman, her creator.
— Dib talking to the girls

He's definitely worked with Ms. Wakeman, then.
— Dib talking to Bubbles about Ms. Wakeman

He's probably even helping the skyward patrol and my dad get the award ceremony together for Ms. Wakeman's lifetime scientific achievement award.
— Dib talking about Professor Utonium and his dad working together

Invader Zim: Manifest DoomEdit

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